Alan Wake 2: 11-Minute Gameplay Showcase Released

alan wake 2

An all-new gameplay walkthrough has been released online, showcasing 11 minutes of Alan Wake 2 from the perspective of Agent Saga Anderson. She’s the second of two playable characters in the upcoming ominous horror title that’s due to release on October 27th, 2023.

It’s a fair showcase that gives us an inside glimpse at some of the environments, and some of the more mystical elements of Alan Wake 2, and it offers up an insight into the core of the mysterious story that fans will be able to experience next month. Unfortunately, it’s one of those typical ‘gameplay trailers’ that consists of slow camera panning and inorganic movement, but it’s still a solid first look.

Alan Wake 2 Is Packed With Horror

In the 11-minute gameplay segment that was uploaded by IGN, we saw a sequence bursting at the seams with jumpscares, eerie figures moving impossibly fast around the screen, and more foggy darkness than you can shake a flashlight at. Our heroine effortlessly dispatches axe-wielding maniacs with a handgun – and from somewhere, a sawn-off shotgun – and explores a mysterious sub-plot that prompts more questions than answers.

Here’s the snippet of gameplay:

At first blush, it looks freaky enough to keep horror fans entertained, punchy enough to keep action fans occupied, and curious enough to keep thriller fans engaged. We’ll get a much better idea of how Remedy is delivering on this long-awaited sequel from October 27th.

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