Age of Empires Mobile Revealed by COD Mobile Developer

age of empires mobile

Recently, an all-new Age of Empires game was revealed by TiMi Studios, the developer behind COD Mobile, Honor of Kings, and Arena of Valor. It’s a mobile game – simply titled ‘Age of Empires Mobile’ – and it’s bringing everything that the legendary strategy series has to offer to handheld devices. In an interview with GamesRadar, a producer working on the game, Robin Xin, detailed the ambitious plan for Age of Empires Mobile.

‘From The Start’

It was stressed first and foremost that the plan from the start ‘has always been to bring the strategy experience of a top-class franchise to a broader audience on a mobile platform.’ In the interview with GamesRadar, Robin Xin explained that despite being a mobile game, Age of Empires Mobile will feature large-scale siege gameplay and ‘historical hero commanders’.

There’s an intelligent UI that makes it simple to control units on the battlefield, and there’s a solid mix of single-player and multiplayer modes to flesh out the game. Xin explained:

We’ve incorporated some new single-player modes that are based on real-time strategy and made some distinct changes to our multiplayer modes. One of the big updates is our alliance gameplay, which pits massive player alliances against one another in epic siege wars. You’ll take on players from all over the world and we expect those who are most cooperative to play with their allies will win.

There are callbacks to previous Age of Empires titles, which should keep fans of the classic strategy franchise entertained and humoured throughout. There was a final note that mentioned an upcoming beta for the game, due to kick off soon on Apple and Android devices.

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