AEW Fight Forever: Entire Game At Risk of Being Leaked, It’s Claimed

aew fight forever

Recently, it was discovered that players could ‘force pre-load’ AEW Fight Forever on Xbox, and in addition, the achievements for the game were revealed online. It seems that the situation has developed somewhat, as details were shared by a user on Reddit suggesting that there’s a potential for the entire game to be leaked online.

This news comes following a post on Twitter by popular WWE 2K dataminer ‘WhatsTheStatus’, who released an image showing a file repository extracted from AEW Fight Forever. Reportedly, these files contained the entire contents of the game itself, including all Unreal Engine paks and ioStore files.

WhatsTheStatus’ Tweet was taken down, but at present, it’s unknown where these files exist.

Could AEW Fight Forever Be Leaked in Full?

We recently covered the potential launch date for AEW Fight Forever, which may occur towards the end of June 2023. Recently, players have discovered that they can force a pre-load of the game on Xbox platforms through the Xbox mobile app, and that has led to an alleged mass uncovering of the game’s files.

Eagle-eyed Reddit user u/Pepsiguy2 fired off a post covering WhatsTheStatus’ Tweet, stating that ‘anyone else in the community’ is now capable of leaking AEW Fight Forever’s files. This claim hasn’t been verified or corroborated, but an image was included showing a file repository that has apparently been extracted straight from the back end of AEW Fight Forever.

It has been noted that no real marketing has taken place for Fight Forever, nor has the developer or publisher confirmed a solid release date for the game. It has been suggested that the potential for a full leak will force the hand of someone willing to officially announce a launch date for the game, as rough as the situation may be.

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