Advanced Warfare Weapons Coming to MW3, Leaker Claims

advanced warfare

It has been claimed that a series of weapons taken straight out of Advanced Warfare will be making an appearance in Modern Warfare 3 in 2024. There were four weapons reported in this leak that surfaced thanks to el_bobberto, a prominent Call of Duty presence, and for the most part, the information has the community hyped.

What AW Weapons Are Coming to MW3?

Insider Gaming has corroborated this leak.

It was suggested that four key weapons will be migrating from Advanced Warfare into Modern Warfare 3:

  • EM1
  • ASM1
  • BAL27
  • MORS

For anyone who was a fan of 2014’s Advanced Warfare, that’s a fairly recognisable line-up of weapons, but how they’ll integrate into Modern Warfare is anyone’s guess. I mean, the BAL and the ASM are fine because they’re ballistic weapons, but the MORS and the EM1? They’re electromagnetic weapons – the MORS is basically a single-shot railgun.

Is there really any place for weapons like this in a Modern Warfare game?

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