Sources – Advanced Warfare 2 Isn’t in Development

Claims of Advanced Warfare 2 being in development by Sledgehammer Games swirled the internet last month, but sources have told Insider Gaming that it’s not the case.

Sources were unable to give additional details on what Sledgehammer Games is currently developing as the project is in its early stages and subject to change.

However, sources did comment that it appears that the Call of Duty franchise is moving towards a release every two years, meaning the game should release in 2026. Previously, I had mentioned that Sledgehammer Games’ title should release in 2025.

Call of Duty veterans CharlieINTEL has also previously reported that they had not heard Advanced Warfare 2 is in development.

The news doesn’t come as a surprise, as Call of Duty has been known for turbulent development in the past. For example, Black Ops 4’s campaign was canceled well into its development cycle and Treyarch Games only had several months to change its multiplayer.

It’s already been reported that Sledgehammer Games wants to make two sequels to Vanguard, but its disappointing sales likely changed the studio’s plans.

Insider Gaming has heard rumors that Sledgehammer Games might be heading to the future with its next game – But we were unable to verify the claims. One thing is for certain though, the game doesn’t seem to be Advanced Warfare 2.

Writers comments: As Call of Duty leaks become ever more prevalent, Insider Gaming would like fans to be aware that leaks for games several years out might never come to fruition (especially for Call of Duty).

Even my own reporting on the likes of Warzone’s Ural Mountains map changed drastically around 6 months before its scheduled release and the map never became public.

Call of Duty development is very turbulent and with Activision currently in the process of being acquired by Microsoft, it could result in plans changing completely if the acquisition goes through.

Technically, even this report could be inaccurate as Advanced Warfare 2 could release in 2026, but that’s currently not the plan.

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