Activision Revealed Season 01 Content for MW3

season 01 update

It has been revealed that during Season 01 of Modern Warfare 3, three brand-new maps will be joining the line-up of the sixteen remastered maps that were pulled across from Modern Warfare 2 (2009). Activision also confirmed that Gunfight will be resurfacing when Season 01 drops in December, Zombies will be getting a sizeable update, and Urzikstan will go live in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Content For Days

Three all-new maps are coming to MW3, with two of them being made available from the moment the Season 01 update goes live:

  • Meat Become the best butcher on the block in this compact map centred around the East Bay Meats slaughterhouse.
  • GreeceProve you’re no mere mortal in this medium-sized Mediterranean-inspired Map based on a coastal town.

During the Season 01 Reloaded update, a third map will arrive:

  • Rio Take in the bright colours, tight quarters, and elegant streets in a fight through an upscale shopping centre.

Activision has also confirmed that Gunfight, the ever-popular and oftentimes more challenging 2v2 mode, will be making a bold return to Call of Duty with Season 01, and the all-new map will be:

  • Training FacilityFace off in a training course complete with a central shoot house and plentiful climbing opportunities.

Zombies is also getting a fantastic update, which is a huge win considering how much of a hit it has been with fans of the franchise of late. For those sheltering from the harsh confines of SBMM, Zombies has made for a brilliant alternative to players wanting Call of Duty action without the punishment of complex matchmaking algorithms.

Here’s what’s coming to Zombies with Season 01:

  • Enter Dark Aether Rifts and battle ‘a sinister and chaotic challenge’ against the clock
  • Gear up with all-new and unique acquisition schematics that are a challenge to unlock
  • Secure the V-R11 Wonder Weapon that turns every impacted enemy into your ally

And of course, for those who love the taste of battle royale modes, Call of Duty: Warzone will be updated to include Urzikstan in December. If you want a taste of this new map, you can play it right now in Zombies. It’s huge, it looks fantastic, and it has Verdansk vibes through and through.

It was confirmed by Activision that Call of Duty: Warzone will be updated to feature MW3’s movement mechanics, which includes slide cancelling and ‘Tac Stance’.

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