7 Days to Die Early Access Ending After 10 Years

7 days to die

In December 2013, 7 Days to Die was released into early access. It has evolved immeasurably over the years, pulling in millions of players and winding up with some pretty positive reviews across the board. It’s a unique zombie survival game that fits somewhat into a series of genres, and over the last decade, it has ebbed and flowed – but it was always headed for this announcement.

Recently, the game’s developer, FunPimps, confirmed that 7 Days to Die is leaving early access soon, with the first test launch of ‘1.0’ taking place in May.

It’s Not The End

In a recent video showcasing ‘Alpha Exodus’, the 1.0 launch project for 7 Days to Die, the upcoming changes were discussed at length. One of the most pertinent pieces of news is that the price point for 7 Days to Die will increase when 1.0 is available, which will be put in place to acknowledge the new premium offering.

There will still be plenty of updates for 7 Days to Die once 1.0 is available, with FunPimps pledging to support the game for years to come. There will also be a new version of the game on consoles, which should please fans locked in on Xbox and PlayStation.

Here’s the full video:

Also in recognition of this update, 7 Days to Die is preparing to leave the Game Pass subscription service. A lot is coming to 7 Days to Die with the new ‘graduation’ update, including:

  • New challenges
  • More gore
  • Better vehicle assets
  • New wardrobe system
  • Roaming bandits
  • Story mode

It’s a sizeable update for sure – are you going to invest in 7 Days to Die?

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