7 Best Games Like Vampire Survivors

20 Minutes Till Dawn Halls Of Torment Survivors Games

Vampire Survivors continues to be an absolute juggernaut, influencing many games that range from empty clones to creative elaborations. The bullet hell action and hordes result in chaotic runs that offer friendly, casual fun. There are also enough upgrades to compel you to try just one more. Local co-op has also recently rolled out, shaking up the gameplay’s pace and strategies.

The sub-genre has evolved a lot over time. There are some very clever twists that expand meta progression, style, and more. This list will concentrate on just a few standouts for newcomers to seek out, after discovering or completing Vampire Survivors. Selections will be based on their novel features, tone, breadth of content, and more.

7. Time Wasters

Time Wasters Elite Turret Ship

This sci-fi twist indulges some of the arcade-style qualities in Vampire Survivors, and the game only just launched last month. So, it’s probably gone a bit overlooked. It’s smaller in scope and might feel a bit redundant for some. However, Time Wasters’ theme is refreshing, the movement is solid, and the captains are pretty unique.

Many games inspired by Vampire Survivors have turned to hero-based gameplay. This one includes some cute pop culture references, but the Captains are legitimately interesting. They’re distinguishable enough to create some replay value. The gameplay translates a lot of familiar sci-fi elements well, such as its time-bending upgrades and planetary management.

6. Spell Disk

Spell Disk Survivors Game Mode

This game offers an RPG twist on Vampire Survivors, blending hack-and-slash action with a wide variety of spells. The titular “disk” gimmick creates nifty chain reactions, which can feel very satisfying. It’s just as delightful to plan them or watch an amusing surprise unfold. The synergy between spells can be quite flexible.

Spell Disk also provides players with multiple modes of gameplay, which may come as a relief. And it’s worth noting that Spell Disk is still in Early Access, and the devs plan to add much more content. That includes an upcoming Rampage Mode with leaderboards. The variety of options are nice, among comparable titles that stick to the Vampire Survivors model.

5. Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors Game Boss Fight

This game has been in Early Access for about a year, and still renews interest thanks to its RPG elements. Its emphasis on skill trees makes the unique heroes feel more tactile, distinct, and pliable. There’s a nice balance of freedom and personality. This allows you to revisit the same characters in new ways, and it might feel more comfortable for newcomers.

The wide range of customization is also truly impressive, thanks to the rune system. It feels like you can tweak and manage even the most minute details of your hero. The graphics are also more polished than other Vampire Survivors-like games. This is partly superficial, but it also helps discern the swarming elements on screen.

4. 20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn Swarming Enemies

20 Minutes Till Dawn is arguably closer in nature to Vampire Survivors, while incorporating key ideas from games that followed. It includes a decent variety of heroes and weapons to choose from, and the runs are tighter. The gameplay and upgrades are a bit cleaner than similar titles, without losing a good range of options.

The Lovecraftian theme is also great fun, with interesting enemies and a compelling art design. Although the colors might disrupt gameplay, it has a lot of attitude. The gameplay is less forgiving, but also well-balanced. It also features directional and active firing, which can be helpful for controlling the situation a bit more.

3. Boneraiser Minions

Boneraiser Minions Lightning Attack

This is one quirky little game, which adds a lot to the Vampire Survivors formula. For one, it has a silly sense of humor throughout its text and visuals. But it’s also packed with content, with multiple modes that are each rewarding in their own way.

The action feels more interactive than other competitors, thanks to Relic and Spell pickups. There’s also a constant sense of progression, and the gameplay is highly thematic. The premise of raising minions to do your bidding is both fun and amusing. Boneraiser Minions manages to feel like an outlier while retaining the aspects that made Vampire Survivors successful.

2. Brotato

Brotato Enemies Games Like Vampire Survivors

The volume of content in this game is downright extraordinary. The number of playable characters is unexpected, each with equally inventive and thematic playstyles. This would be more than enough, but there are also endless ways to tweak each of these characters.

As a result, you will get countless hours out of this game, and it’s still just as inexpensive as anything else inspired by Vampire Survivors. The art design is fun, and the soundtrack is a surprising hit that adds a lot of charm. The Round-based structure and shorter runs also keep the gameplay breezy. Brotato can be tough, but the difficulty is also adjustable.

1. Halls of Torment

Halls Of Torment Skeleton Enemies

Halls of Torment combines a 90’s flavor with general elements from Diablo. It’s a creative and entertaining spin with just a few characters, but hundreds of traits to tinker with. Most importantly, the quest-based gameplay is a hugely rewarding novelty.

There are well over a hundred quests to discover, creating more momentum and variety than comparable games. You are encouraged to explore to progress. Also, the enemies and bosses have very memorable designs and behavior. And there’s more strategy in your position, which makes the stylish world feel more tactile and important.

2023 was a good year for Vampire Survivors fans, with many new games perfecting the fundamentals and evolving. However, with the growing barrage of options, this list barely scratches the surface. Be sure to tell us what other important Vampire Survivors-like games deserve a shoutout!