6 Best Special Edition Xbox Controllers, Ranked

Sunkissed Vibes And Remix Controllers

Microsoft has only released a few special edition controllers for Xbox fans, but they do have some standout features. This has included interesting collaborations, and even the materials they were made with. A brand-new Gold Shadow model only just released last week. It can also be fun to collect these for display.

Accessories are a great way to express your fandom, and many customize their own controllers. But Xbox offers a few great starting points for inspiration that have style and are readily available. It’s terribly easy to miss out on the more elaborate Limited Edition Xbox controllers. So, this list will instead focus on notable and official special editions that won’t have obscene price tags.

6. Mineral Camo

Mineral Camo Xbox Controller

This is the fourth iteration of the camo series Xbox controllers, and the most elaborate. Camo cosmetics have natural appeal because of their military style, and all-purpose fit with various games. However, camo is also a pretty basic design and ordinarily doesn’t offer much novelty.

The Mineral Camo controller has an ocean theme, resulting in a broader range of colors than Daystrike or Arctic. This approach is niche, but that’s a highlight for any special edition controller. The four different shades of Mineral Camo are well-balanced. As a result, it feels like you’re getting the most for your dollar. This selection would pair nicely with games like Sea of Thieves, Subnautica, or even Dredge.

5. Lunar Shift

Lunar Shift Series Xbox Controller

This is a terrific alternative for those who don’t want to overspend for the remaining Starfield Limited Edition Xbox controllers. The Lunar Shift is part of a larger Shift series, which means its silvery look can change under different lighting. It’s a pretty neat gimmick, and one that eventually joined the Design Lab just last month.

As a result, Lunar has landed lower on this list. But the spacefaring theme is already a genuinely worthwhile design. It has a sleek look that resembles both the mysterious cosmos and the pragmatic tech required to traverse it. Lunar Shift is broad enough to please fans of Starfield, No Man’s Sky, and any Star Wars game.

4. Gold Shadow

Gold Shadow Controller In Use

This is the latest special edition controller, an excellent nostalgic choice that intentionally nods to the Xbox One series. This consistency should delight fans who’ve been collecting or enjoying Xbox controllers since they first picked up a last-gen console.

The nuanced gradient style is definitely a highlight among its peers, and it creates a sense of motion. Golden designs are often used for special versions in any collectible scene, and it’s no less effective here. It naturally feels like a prize and would happily accompany any gameplay or console.

3. Stormcloud Vapor

Stormcloud Vapor Front And Back

There are two key novelties that make Stormcloud Vapor a standout. Most importantly, the swirling vapors are designed to be totally unique for every single controller you purchase. Any controller that can offer a one-of-a-kind design is more valuable and interesting.

Secondly, these controllers also come with an exclusive dynamic background for your Xbox dashboard. This creates more synergy with your console, which is helpful as console wraps are barely rolling out. The digital exclusivity is a fun gimmick, since the controller itself is appealing to begin with. The smokey texture is inventive and has more attitude than most other special editions.

2. Sunkissed Vibes OPI

Sunkissed Vibes OPI Xbox Controller

This was a highly successful controller inspired by OPI’s actual product line “Summer Make the Rules”. It’s unusual for any special edition controller to actually collaborate with another company, at all. OPI is also renowned for their creative, artistic merit. So, Sunkissed Vibes is an excellent choice for fans who enjoy crossovers.

Either way, it’s a thoughtful and colorful design that offers a terrific choice for much wider audiences. Most Xbox controllers are a little brooding. Sunkissed Vibes captures the spirit of the summer season itself, with unexpectedly bright and cheerful colors.

1. Remix

Remix Earth Day Xbox Controller

This imaginative tie-in with Earth Day is a superb exercise in supporting a cause without losing actual appeal. The Remix controller doesn’t just celebrate the holiday with a unique, natural look. It is legitimately built from some reclaimed materials, according to the original announcement post from Xbox Wire.

As a result, every single Remix controller is totally unique, which is a creative way to achieve that novelty. There’s a blend of recovered plastics, and even some parts from recycled Xbox One controllers. Investing in this controller is an ideal way to get rewarded for supporting a healthy cause.

So, Remix is an excellent choice for activists, or anyone who simply loves the outdoors. It’s a natural complement for Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and any other farming or garden sims.

Xbox may not offer many special edition controllers, but they are fun to collect and use. The best Limited Editions are often reserved for annoying sweepstakes, which is a shame. Special editions are a nice alternative. Tell us about your favorite Xbox controllers, and what you’ve cooked up in the official design lab!