50 Cent Isn’t Connected to GTA 6, But a TV Series Named ‘Vice City’

50 cent vice city

Recently, 50 Cent took to Instagram to post not one but two images suggesting that he was directly involved with the production of something called ‘Vice City’. In these posts, he’d used images pulled from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, sending the gaming community wild with the belief that he was potentially connected to GTA 6, which is assumedly set in Vice City.

Since then, the posts have been removed, and it has been confirmed by Deadline that Fiddy is actually directly linked with the production of an all-new original television series named – you guessed it – Vice City. However, it isn’t connected with the Grand Theft Auto game, despite bearing many similarities to the 2002 open-world epic.

50 Cent’s Vice City Will Be Developed by Paramount+

Unfortunately, this revelation, which was delivered by Deadline, means that there is no further news on GTA 6 outside of the massive leaks that occurred last year. For a while, fans went wild attempting to figure out what role 50 Cent would be playing in the development of GTA 6, and everything from musical licensure to a direct, starring role in the game was put forward.

In Deadline’s reveal, it was explained Paramount+, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Paramount Television Studios are partnering with 50 Cent (and his associated brands) to flesh out an all-new project named Vice City.

This is reportedly a project that comes from the creative minds that powered Transformers and John Wick, and in 50 Cent’s own words (before they were deleted), it’s going to be more impressive than Power, 50’s hit series that ran for six seasons.

At present, Vice City is a working title, but there’s already a synopsis that was highlighted by Deadline:

Vice City follows three friends, and former soldiers, who return to their home city of Miami in the mid-80s after being dishonourably discharged from the military for their involvement in the Iran Contra scandal. Disgraced, displaced, and forgotten by the country they served and with no good job prospects, the three friends partner with a mysterious Colombian immigrant, uniting their financial needs and criminal ambitions to form a heist crew. Fueled by the need for American green, they traverse a violent and dangerous path in pursuit of the American Dream.”

There are definite similarities between both Vice City and GTA: Vice City, even if the two projects are totally unrelated.

So, it’s great for fans of 50 Cent’s television productions, but it’s a confirmation that leaves GTA fans still wanting more information. Recently, an insider suggested that GTA 6 will be released in 2024, but that’s the latest rumour that’s circulating regarding the game.

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