5 Worst Mario Kart Maps

Mario Kart has a plethora of maps (racetracks) for people to race on. While some of these maps are a fun and great experience for gamers, some are far worse than others.

Here are the five worst Mario Kart maps.

The Best Mario Kart Maps to Race On

Mario Kart has made some of the most historical maps in racing video game history. Maps including Rainbow Road, Bowser’s Castle and more are among those legendary maps that people love to race on.

But which maps are considered the worst Mario Kart maps ever made?

5. Excitebike Arena

Starting at number five on our list of the work Mario Kart maps ever made is Excitebike Arena. Released in the Mario Kart 8 x Legend of Zelda DLC, many felt like this map had very little to offer, especially with being a part of a DLC.

Excitebike Arena is just an endless track of boring races, making it widely considered one the worst Mario Kart maps ever made.

4. Toad’s Turnpike

First released in Mario Kart 64, Toad’s Turnpike quickly became known as one of the worst Mario Kart maps for players to race on. The map lacked substance. It was just a barren road that players had to compete on.

While it may be based on the infamous character Toad, Toad’s Turnpike is easily one of the worst Mario Kart maps to date.

3. Figure-8 Circuit

First released for Mario Kart DS, Figure-8 Circuit almost immediately became known as one of the worst Mario Kart games ever released. This mundane map was one of the first maps people could play for the game and quickly became the last time they’d play the map.

Mario Kart’s Figure-8 Circuit will forever be one of the worst Mario Kart maps within the franchise.

2. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64 Version)

While Rainbow Road is universally loved by Mario Kart fans, the Nintendo 64 is not. This large map had very little to offer other than an endless amount of falling off the tracks. Later on, Mario Kart was able to master the Rainbow Road map, making it much better.

While other Rainbow Road maps might be loved by the community, the Mario Kart 64 version of the map still stands as one of the worst Mario Kart maps ever created.

1. Vanilla Lake 2

Despite many not being a fan of Vanilla Lake 1, Vanilla Lake 2 quickly became despised by gamers with its release on the SNES. Since then, the course has seen a Game Boy Advance remake and was still just as hated as the original course.

Vanilla Lake 2 is hands down the worst Mario Kart map ever created.