5 of the Best Minecraft Mods

Minecraft mods have been a popular entity within the game since the beginning. So many modders are finding fun and unique ways to enhance the game or make it a completely new title in itself.

Here are the best Minecraft mods to date.

The Best Mods in Minecraft

Modding in Minecraft is incredibly popular and gamers are coming up with new and unique ways to play the game every single day. Some of these mods have completely revolutionized the game, while some just add a few extra features.

Here are the five best Minecraft mods.

5. Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest Minecraft mod is an absolutely surreal way to play the popular title. The mod puts players into a vast world surrounded by Twilight that is both beautiful and terrifying. This mod has been around since 2011, being one of the earliest mods, and is still loved today.

4. Vault Hunters

Vault Hunters is a great mod for players looking to upgrade their dungeon experience. Dungeons can become mundane in Minecraft. The Vault Hunters mod makes the experience much harder, adding a new level of difficulty to the game.

3. Ice and Fire: Dragons

The Ice and Fire: Dragons mod not only adds dragons to the regular version of Minecraft but also allows you to tame these massive beasts. Imagine having your own farm and land in Minecraft, but then also a dragon to go along with it. The Ice and Fire: Dragons mod is the perfect Minecraft mod for those looking to upgrade their gaming experience.

2. OptiFine

Despite all the unique and cool mods we have already mentioned, the OptiFine mod is a great performance-enhancing mod that every Minecraft player needs to use. This not only ups the game’s textures a bit, but it makes it incredibly smoother and faster. Adding mods can be tough on your game, so having the OptiFine mod installed will help a lot.

1. Pixelmon

The Pixelmon mod is hands down the best Minecraft mod. Imagine playing Minecraft, but instead of the typical creatures roaming the land, there are Pokemon. You can even catch and evolve the Pokemon too, making it incredibly similar to the actual Pokemon games. Pixelmon is easily the most unique and most fun Minecraft mod to play around with.