5 Hardest Video Game Boss Fights of All Time, Ranked

Boss fights are always present in a video game, and while you’re playing they might actually feel more like a giant obstacle between you and the next chapter, but in actuality, without them, the emotional undertones, narrative, and experience as a whole would be incomplete, even if they are an unimaginably hard at times, especially the ones in FromSoftware games.

With there being thousands of unique bosses out there, you may find yourself wondering which ones are the toughest. This list ranks what we think are the hardest video game boss fights of all time.

What Are The Hardest Video Game Boss Fights?

As there are innumerable boss characters, it could be the ones you had trouble beating aren’t named here. If that’s the case, be sure to comment below which boss fights you had the hardest time with.

5. Quiet, Metal Gear Solid 5

Quiet, Metal Gear Solid 5Quiet, Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid V is one of the greatest stealth games ever made and its boss fight with Quiet during Mission 11: Cloaked in Silence puts your tip-toe skills to the test.

Quiet’s an elite sniper, so she blows your brains whenever you poke your head out of cover. It’s a really tricky boss fight for newcomers. The biggest problem is that Quiet has a large health pool and she’s always about half a kilometer away from your location. Getting to her is just insanely tough, and her boss fight will make many players rage.

4. The Demon of Hatred, Sekiro

The Demon of Hatred, Sekiro, , one of the hardest video game boss fightsThe Demon of Hatred, Sekiro, , one of the hardest video game boss fights

The Demon of Hatred is Sekiro’s end-game optional boss, and optional for a reason. The boss fight itself has three phases, the first one is pretty straightforward but in the second and third, The Demon of Hatred just goes bonkers. He hurls flames at you, charges at you like a bull, and lights up the entire arena.

It’s one of the most challenging boss fights ever, and beating this one will take a lot of tries. Those of you who have played the game will know how traumatic the encounter is, and for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, The Demon of Hatred will be a tough nut to crack.

3. The Nameless King, Dark Souls 3

The Nameless King, Dark Souls 3The Nameless King, Dark Souls 3

When Dark Souls 3 came out people knew it would have some of the craziest boss fights of all time, and they weren’t wrong. The Nameless King turned out to be the scariest and most difficult boss in the game. 

The boss fight has two phases. First, the Nameless King rides a fire-breathing dragon with a lance in his right hand, and then you fight him head-on in melee combat. Together, the both of them constantly bombard you with thrusts, flames, and excruciating attacks. Most of their attacks will insta-kill you, so it’s easy to see why this is one of the hardest video game boss fights of all time.

2. Sigrun, God of War (2018)

Sigrun, God of War (2018), one of the hardest video game boss fightsSigrun, God of War (2018), one of the hardest video game boss fights

Unlike FromSoftware’s Souls games, God of War (2018) has a difficulty system. Sigrun will be an easy boss fight if you’re playing on a lower difficulty, but switch to Give Me God of War in New Game + and it turns into a completely different story. 

Even at max level Kratos will do tiny bits of damage to Sigrun, while in return she can easily one-shot you. On top of that, she has about a dozen unique variations you’ll have to learn, and even a single slip-up will cost you the entire boss fight’s progress which can last anywhere from 10 to 15 whole minutes.

1. Malenia, Elden Ring

Malenia, Elden RingMalenia, Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s Malenia, Blade of Miquella is a new high for difficulty. Just for context, it took me 115 tries to beat her without using Spirit Ashes – yes, I kept count. What’s so frustrating about Malenia is her health-stealing ability. Whenever she hits you, she gains a significant portion of her health back. If you attack her relentlessly and try to tank some damage, it won’t even make a dent in her health bar since she’ll be automatically getting her HP back. So basically, you have to perfect the entire boss fight.

And if that wasn’t enough trouble, she has two separate phases which completely change her movesets. Even her most basic attacks can insta-kill you, and her Waterfowl Dance is perhaps the most unfair boss move in the history of gaming. It’s a maddening boss fight that is almost guaranteed to be one-sided in your first 50 or so tries. Malenia stands as the pinnacle of difficulty and is hands down the hardest video game boss fight of all time.

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