5 Best Super Smash Bros. Stages of All Time, Ranked

Super Smash Bros. is easily one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time. The first release on the Nintendo 64 absolutely shook the gaming work. Being able to play as your favorite Nintendo character, fighting against others, was something no one expected. Not only did the game, feature various Nintendo characters, but it also included multiple stages (maps) that catered to each specific character you could play as.

Now, with multiple titles spanning across various consoles, here are the five best Super Smash Bros. stages of all time.

The Best Super Smash Bros. Stages Ever To Be Released

With new characters being added with each title’s release, Super Smash Bros. has created quite the universe for players to compete against one another. These characters not only come with unique abilities but also their own stages to compete in.

Here are the best Super Smash Bros. stages to ever be released.

5. Battlefield

Released in 2015, Battlefield, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage became a fan favorite. Playable on both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, this stage was a clean-looking map, with not too much extra stuff going on. It was the perfect spot for players to focus on their fighting and not have to worry about outside forces affecting them.

Battlefield is easily one of the greatest stages ever to be released in Super Smash Bros.

4. Corneria

Released for the Nintendo 64 version of Super Smash Bros., Corneria is simply one of the greatest Smash Bros. stages of all time. Hailing from the universe of Star Fox, this map pits players against each other on a moving airplane. That is literally the extent of it too. All you had to do was focus on staying on top of the moving ship while trying to force others off of it. It was glorious and still holds up today.

Corneria will always be one of the best stages in the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

3. WarioWare, Inc.

First released in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, WarioWare, Inc. instantly stole the hearts of gamers. This stage had multiple mini-games that would grant players rewards to fight with, giving it that extra bit of challenge. WarioWare, Inc. was not only a competitive map but also helped give players a fun experience that was unseen in various other stages.

Simply put, WarioWare, Inc. is thought to be one of the best Super Smash Bros. stages to ever be released.

2. Pokemon Stadium

With stages in Melee, Brawl and Ultimate, Pokemon Stadium is an easy pick for number two on our list of the five best Super Smash Bros. stages. The map would constantly change form, catering to different Pokemon types throughout its course. This kept players on their toes, creating a wild experience for those competing.

Pokemon Stadium is hands down one of the greatest Super Smash Bros. stages of all time.

1. Temple

This legendary stage comes straight from The Legend of Zelda series. Temple, known as Hyrule Castle by some, is the perfect Super Smash Bros. map for competing and more. This massive floating castle has one of the most unique designs compared to other stages. Players can go fall beneath the castle or conquer its height, making for an extremely interesting battle.

Temple is by far the best Super Smash Bros. stage of all time.