5 Best Games Like The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3, winner of the Game of the Year in 2015, has held a place in gamers’ hearts since its release. This massive open-world fantasy adventure has so much to offer and never lacks when it comes to intense gameplay.

But what games are there that are similar to The Witcher 3?

Games Similar to The Witcher 3

Fantasy open-world games are quite common in the gaming world. People have been making titles like these since the 1980s with games like The Legend of Zelda.

The Witcher 3, though, was a title that helped push the fantasy open-world style of video games to the next level. Its massive world mixed with an incredibly immersive world and beautiful graphics made it a game that is tough to rival.

Here are the five best games like The Witcher 3.

5. Skyrim

Skyrim is notoriously one of the most famous fantasy games of all time. This massive open-world adventure has more than enough gameplay to offer. In fact, many gamers don’t even follow the main storyline and instead spend their time exploring unique side quests.

Skyrim is an obvious pick for games similar to The Witcher 3.

4. Shadow of Mordor

The popular Lord of the Rings game, Shadow of Mordor is a great game for those looking for something similar to The Witcher 3 to play. The game allows you to explore Mordor within Middle Earth, helping to add to the lore of the popular movie and book trilogy.

Shadow of Mordor is a great game to play if you enjoy The Witcher 3.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

While this game may not be about monsters and magic, Red Dead Redemption 2 still gives players that sense of adventure they long for. Its huge world and crazy storyline put it as a rival to The Witcher 3 as one of the greatest video games ever made.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic adventure that deserves playing, making it similar to The Witcher 3.

2. Dark Souls III

Another game that rivals The Witcher 3’s challenging gameplay is Dark Souls III. Both of these titles have a unique style of gameplay that puts the players up against hordes of monsters. There will never be an easy route when playing Dark Souls III.

Challenging? Yes. Worth playing? Of course. Dark Souls III is a great game for those looking to play something similar to The Witcher 3.

1. Elden Ring

Elden Ring, winner of the Game of the Year in 2022 is by far the best game to play if you are a big fan of The Witcher 3. This huge open-world game mixes some of the toughest gameplay with a plethora of characters and monsters that will have you begging for more.

Elden Ring is by far the best game to play for those looking for an adventure like The Witcher 3.