Upcoming Wild Hearts Update Trailer Revealed

Wild Hearts Update
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Wild Hearts has been out for a short while now and, despite mixed reviews, garnered a pretty hefty fanbase. Players familiar with the Monster Hunter series have been excited to experience their favorite mechanics with a new story and universe. To add to the initial content, Wild Hearts has just revealed its trailer for the upcoming update that will introduce a new Kemono to hunt and more.

The biggest addition is none other than the Murakumo, a Kemono modeled after familiar flora and fauna. The fox-like beast resembles a cherry blossom tree and has the ability to send powerful gusts of wind out during combat.

Aside from the Kemono and its tornado-like abilities, the Wild Hearts update is bringing new Karakuri with it. The Spinning Top is going to work by hitting obstacles and increasing in speed or power after doing so. This technology will be especially useful when players go up against Kemono like the new Murakumo.

Other features included in the initial update are more extensive armor or weapon upgrades. There will also be fixes and various improvements that will be detailed in the patch notes once the update drops. The new trailer also teases a second later update that will introduce things like the Deathhaze Gloombeak Kemono as well as Serial Hunts. When players engage in a Serial Hunt, they will be able to take on as many Kemono as they can.

The update with the Murakumo Kemono should be dropping on April 6. The other update teased at the end of the trailer is going to arrive later on, around April 20. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information on Insider Gaming’s news page.