When is the Starfield Update Release Date? – Answered

Starfield Starborn Waiting
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For those of us who thoroughly enjoyed the world of Starfield, and for the many keeping a close eye on its progress, word about a massive upcoming update is always welcome. With the May update for Starfield, we will enjoy detailed surface maps, ship customization, difficulty options, and performance mode on Xbox. Here’s what you must know about the Starfield update release date!

When is the May Update for Starfield Releasing?

The next big update for Starfield launches May 15 on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It’s a big one, featuring graphics and performance tweaks, ship interior customization and decoration, empty hab modules, a new difficulty setting, and perhaps the most exciting of all, detailed surface maps. Now, when you’re lost in New Atlantis, pop open the map to find your exact location and destination with ease!

It’s been a bit of a wait since the last major Starfield update, unfortunately. Bethesda slightly fell behind on their schedule of a considerable update every six weeks. Well, I’d say the wait was worth every second with these changes!

How to Play the Next Starfield Update Early

If you simply cannot wait to play the next major Starfield update, you’re in luck. If you play on Steam, you can go into your Steam Library and then right-click on Starfield. From there, select ‘Properties’ and then choose ‘Betas.’ From this new menu, use the drop-down box in the top right corner and choose “beta – Beta.”

It will download the upcoming update in full, allowing you to test out the new features. But remember: This is an early build of the May update, so you may encounter bugs and glitches. Play at your own risk!

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