Surfshark macOS VPN

While still a more niche operating system than Windows, Apple systems are becoming more commonplace in the workplace.

Here, we will guide you through all you need to know about Surfshark VPN on macOS.

This includes the system versions, available features, installation and more.

Does Surfshark VPN work on macOS?

As someone searching for the perfect VPN for macOS, one service kept popping up in the search results: Surfshark VPN.

It’s rare to find one that functions on Mac straight out of the box, but Surfshark is a stable and secure offering with plenty of unique features, like an automatic kill switch and encrypted protocols.

Are all Surfshark VPN features available for Mac?

Every unique feature, from support to security and beyond, available from Surfshark VPN for other popular operating systems, like Windows 11, is available for Mac.

You can connect to over 3,200 servers in more than 100 locations globally, enjoy secure encryption, and the app works on all MacBook models!

Furthermore, if you’re like me and speed matters, you’ll love to hear that Surfshark VPN on macOS does not sacrifice speed or data.

With more servers than the competition, this provider can offer a stable and speedy connection no matter where you live or work.

When you pair security features like their strict no-logs policy, ad blocker, antivirus, and modern VPN protocols, you have a winning combination worth every penny!

What system versions of macOS does Surfshark VPN work on?

macOS 10.15 CatalinamacOS 11 Big SurmacOS 12 Monterey
macOS 13 VenturamacOS 14 Sonoma

What macOS products can you connect Surfshark VPN on?

MacBook AirMacBook MiniApple MacBook Pro
iMacMac Studio

What are the system requirements for running Surfshark VPN on Mac?

Overall, the system requirements to run Surfshark VPN on macOS prove extremely simple and comprehensive.

If your device runs macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later, you can use the VPN on your system. There are no other requirements to consider!

How is the user interface of Surfshark VPN on Mac?

Surfshark VPN invested much time in developing and streamlining its user interface so that no matter which operating system you use, it’s the same overall experience.

As such, Surfshark VPN on Mac features a clean, intuitive UI that makes connecting to servers worldwide a breeze.

In a single click, you can connect to a high-performing server in the country of your choice, and you can view detailed information or disconnect with another click.

Like other operating systems, Surfshark VPN for macOS features a clean appearance.

Most of the necessary tools and tabs are on the left side of the screen. You can access more detailed information from there in the right-most view portal.

What security protocols are available for Surfshark VPN on macOS?

There are three key security protocols available for Surfshark VPN on macOS.

These include WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2, the three most popular VPN protocols on the market today.

Thankfully, you don’t have to settle because Surfshark VPN allows you to install any of them anytime with a few simple guidelines on their website!

Does Surfshark VPN split tunneling work on Mac?

Unfortunately, split tunneling is only available on Windows and Android systems, meaning Mac is left in the dust with this helpful feature.

Does the automatic killswitch work on macOS?

Yes! Surfshark VPN offers an excellent security feature: its automatic kill switch, which shuts down the internet connection if your VPN drops for any reason.

It helps protect your data and logs; thankfully, it’s available for macOS.

You don’t have to toggle anything, as the kill switch is entirely automatic and ready for use when you sign up and log in!

How to install Surfshark VPN on Mac

  • Visit the App Store and download Surfshark VPN.
  • Once downloaded and installed, select “Open.”
  • On the first screen, choose Log in or Create Account.
  • Once signed in, select “Connect.” The app will choose the fastest server for you.
  • Before connecting, insert your Mac User Password and select “Always Allow.”

Is Surfshark VPN on macOS good for gaming?

It’s not uncommon to hear about Surfshark VPN being an exceptional option for gaming anonymously and securely.

It’s been called the best VPN for gaming by many, including themselves, and I agree.

I can connect to any server I want across the globe, play my favorite MMORPG and not worry about throttling, high latency, or the risk of having someone steal my data because I didn’t perform well in a raid that night.

On macOS, your gaming options prove somewhat more limited, as many don’t support this system.

However, for those games you can play on a MacBook, Surfshark VPN covers you!

It does support gaming through the VPN, and it functions as intended. There’s minimal interference, if any, and you can game in peace!

Does Surfshark VPN offer Mac support?

Like all other supported operating systems, Surfshark VPN offers customer support for its services, specifically through a large and growing collection of resources.

These include helpful guides and blog posts teaching users how to use a VPN, browse securely, and more.

However, they do not offer direct support for macOS. If you need help with your operating system, you must contact the company directly.

Whether you’re using a Mac or an iPhone to surf the internet, I cannot recommend using a powerful, fast, and secure VPN enough.

It’s a lifesaver at times, protecting you from unwanted, prying eyes. Surfshark VPN for macOS is one of the most capable, affordable, and intuitive options today!

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