How to get Surfshark VPN free

On this page, you will be guided through the Surfshark VPN free options, what can be accessed during the trial period, and the devices this can be carried out on.

Can you get Surfshark VPN free?

Regarding a free version, they do not offer a full-blown free downloadable VPN for daily use.

If you want access to everything that Surfshark offers, including extensive customer support, security alerts, and connections across the globe, you must pay or sign up for their service.

That said, the provider does offer a limited free trial that I took full advantage of when first starting.

How long does the Surfshark VPN free trial last?

If you sign up for a Surfshark free trial, you have 7 days to test the service and decide whether or not to subscribe.

As you progress through the free trial, the company will send you alerts to let you know the trial period is nearly up.

You can then subscribe to an affordable plan or move on; there is no hassle in walking away.

What features can I access with the Surfshark VPN free trial?

During the SurfsharkVPN free trial, customers can take advantage of all the available premium features, across every device.

Users can choose from any of the servers included in the expansive location network. This allows you to test the fastest speeds on servers closest to you, or access geographically restricted content.

By doing so, you can determine which servers are best suited for particular activities, whether that be streaming, gaming or torrenting.

Additionally, there are security functions that can be evaluated during the Surfshark VPN free trial.

These include the automatic Kill Switch, By Passer and DNS protection feature. With the Ad-blocker, you can evaluate how well the VPN protects against disruptive advertising and malware.

What devices does the Surfshark free trial work on?


Can I get the Surfshark free trial without my credit card details?

It’s important to note that while the free trial and money-back guarantee prove generous, Surfshark VPN requires you to input some form of payment to access the free trial.

How do I cancel the Surfshark VPN free trial?

To cancel your free trial, you can contact customer support via email or chat on the Surfshark VPN website.

If you send an email, provide your information in as much detail as possible and explain that you’d like to cancel. Through their support page, let the agent know, and they’ll easily walk you through the process.


  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Click Menu on the upper left corner of the screen
  • Click “Subscriptions” and select Surfshark
  • Click “Cancel Subscription” and confirm


  • Open the App Store
  • Click the circular icon on the top right corner of the screen
  • Select “Subscriptions”
  • In the “Active” section, select Surfshark

Click “Cancel Subscription” and confirm

Is there a money-back guarantee?

One of the most welcome features of any subscription to Surfshark VPN is the 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with the service within the first month, you can contact support through their email and then request a cancellation and refund.

The money may take some time to return to your account, but you will receive a full refund, even if you bought a 24-month subscription plan.

Is a free trial a better choice than a free VPN?

Typically speaking, a free trial is more advantageous to those who want to experience all a VPN offers fully.

A free version, when available, severely limits the number of features and connections allowed, which can reduce your overall experience and doesn’t grant the complete picture.

It’s not a reasonable preview of a product you’d potentially spend hundreds of dollars on over a year or two.

But a free trial, on the other hand, while limited in its allotted timeframe, grants access to everything. You receive the ad blocker, private connections across the globe, safety alerts, a kill switch for additional protection, and more.

Plus, the 30-day money-back guarantee protects you and acts more like a trial than a commitment.

While it does not offer a full-fledged free version, the Surfshark VPN free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee provide enough value and convenience that anyone can download and test out the service with zero regrets.

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