Surfshark Android VPN

There are approximately 3 billion Android users today, and many of them, myself included, want peace of mind knowing we can browse without worry.

Join us as we explore Surfshark VPN on Android, one of the most popular mobile device operating systems globally.

How does it perform? How is the user interface? We’ll look at security features, gaming capabilities, installation steps, and supported devices to help you make an informed decision!

Does Surfshark VPN work on Android?

You can use Surfshark VPN on Android devices.

There’s an app available through the Play Store, and you must sign up for a subscription, but it’s all there and readily available!

Are all Surfshark VPN features available for Android?

All features you would expect from a popular VPN but on a mobile device are available in Surfshark VPN for Android.

You can access unlimited simultaneous connections, a single account to share, and total security and anonymity when browsing online.

One of the best features that excites me most is blocking spyware, malware, viruses, and all advertisements while browsing.

I save so much time by not viewing ads on videos nowadays!

What Android devices is Surfshark VPN compatible with?

Google PixelSamsung GalaxyOnePlus
Motorola RazrAsus ZenfoneNothing Phone 2

What are the system requirements for running Surfshark VPN on Android?

The system requirements to run Surfshark VPN on Android are pretty simple.

You must have an active subscription to Surfshark and an Android device with OS 5.0 or later, and that’s all!

Can you get Surfshark VPN for Android as an APK download?

Surfshark VPN offers a comprehensive and competent mobile app through the Google Play Store, but for those who want to take their VPN usage a step further, the APK is available to download from their website.

They have an easy-to-use download page ready to go for anyone to use!

How is the user interface of Surfshark VPN for Android?

Surfshark VPN features the same, if not similar, user interface on all devices and operating systems, and, as such, on Android, it’s pretty clean and smooth.

I have zero issues running the app on my old phone. It’s lightning-quick, easy to navigate, and nothing proves too challenging to read.

As someone with glasses desperately needing an updated prescription, I’m thankful that Surfshark VPN on mobile devices is capable.

If you want to connect to the fastest VPN for your area quickly, you can do so with the touch of a button.

Not satisfied with the region? You can easily switch to a different location or server altogether.

It’s simple to pop in and out of anywhere in the world, binge your favorite series, and then get a little work done.

You’re secure the whole time, and the UI makes getting things done a breeze!

What security protocols are available for Surfshark VPN on Android?

Surfshark VPN on Android offers access to three key security protocols: OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2.

While most folks will choose WireGuard, as it’s one of the most recent and modern security protocols on the market, IKEv2 is the fastest on mobile devices.

If speed is your thing, opt for that one!

Does Surfshark VPN split tunneling work on Android?

You’re in luck, as am I, because split tunneling is a unique feature Surfshark VPN offers, and it’s only available for Windows and Android.

Split tunneling will allow you to bypass a VPN connection for specific apps and websites, allowing you greater control over what flows through your secure connection.

For instance, if you watch a lot of YouTube, which is generally a safe platform, you can allow YouTube traffic to flow through your ISP and the rest of your browsing through the VPN. 

Does the automatic killswitch work on Android?

As someone who lives in a small suburban town, I often lose my internet connection frequently when a passing storm blows through.

When using a VPN, I don’t want to worry about losing my connection and allowing anyone access to my data.

The killswitch works on Android by immediately shutting down the VPN connection and protecting your data and logs when you lose your secure connection.

How to install Surfshark VPN for Android?

  • Locate the Play Store on your Android device.
  • Enter “Surfshark” into the search bar.
  • Select Download, then Install, and wait for the process to finish in the background.
  • Once finalized, load up the Surfshark VPN app and select “Log in” or “Create account.”
  • Once logged in, choose “Quick-connect” to automatically connect to the fastest VPN server for you.
  • You can change your quick-connect server by selecting “Change.”

Is Surfshark VPN on Android good for gaming?

There are countless reasons why you should use a VPN for gaming on Android.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about the multiplayer aspect of mobile gaming.

Many mobile titles are often less secure than their console or PC counterparts. Thankfully, Surfshark VPN does work exceptionally well on Android for gaming.

It can provide you with safety and security while playing your favorite mobile titles competitively or cooperatively with players from around the globe.

Furthermore, the best thing about using a VPN while gaming on Android is that it doesn’t interfere with performance. You won’t experience much if any, lag or latency issues while playing!

Does Surfshark VPN offer Android support?

Surfshark VPN offers extensive support for its products.

You can email their customer support team directly and wait for a response, or use their comprehensive help center and blog, which offers numerous articles on using a VPN on Android devices.

That said, they do not offer direct support for Android itself.

If you have operating system or device issues, you’ll want to speak with the manufacturer.

With billions of people choosing Android over the competition for their mobile devices, it’s no wonder why many want a competent and affordable VPN.

As someone who primarily uses Android, I find that more and more, I enjoy the security that services like Surfshark VPN offer no matter where I am or what device I’m using at the time.

Surfshark VPN for Android impresses me in numerous ways, especially with its features, fast connection, and security measures, like the automatic killswitch, that help keep my information safe and secure all day!

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