Private Internet Access Windows VPN

Private Internet Access offers a multi-platform VPN service that’s equal parts powerful and accessible.

In this guide, we’re taking an end-to-end look at Private Internet Access Windows VPN. This will also include what features are available on this device and how to install the service.

Does Private Internet Access Work on Windows?

Private Internet Access performs well on Windows devices, whether it be desktop computers or laptops.

As Windows users make up a substantial portion of the PIA audience, you can carry out all your online activities seamlessly using this service.

What features are available with Private Internet Access Windows VPN?

On Windows devices, customers can take advantage of everything that Private Internet Access offers.

The full range of features is made available on Windows computers and laptops. This gives subscribers the maximum ‘bang for their buck’ when it comes to value for money.

You can get the same level of access to features like multi-hop, port forwarding, ad-blocker, and anti-malware.

Additionally, you can choose from a wide network of servers, both physical and virtual, in over 91 locations.

It’s one of the most comprehensive VPN services on Windows.

What versions of Windows does this work on?

Windows 10Windows 11
Windows 8.1Windows 7

What PCs can Private Internet Access connect to?


What are the system requirements for running Private Internet Access Windows VPN?

The minimum system requirements for running CyberGhost VPN on Windows are as follows;

  • 32 or 64-bit system architecture
  • Windows 8.1 or higher

How is the user interface of Private Internet Access on Windows?

The Private Internet Access Windows VPN offers a clean and simple user interface that’s easy to navigate.

It’s a fire-and-forget application that can be stored safely in the ‘tray’, running in the background and almost completely invisible to the user.

When you open PIA on your device, you’re presented with a pop-up window that allows you to connect to a server in seconds.

If you want more options, you can tap a button and bring up a more comprehensive screen that has everything clearly marked and explained.

It’s a professional service that looks brilliant on the surface.

At first glance alone, you can tell that Private Internet Access is a clean and top-tier product, boasting a themed client that’s responsive and smooth.

It’s so easy to set ‘quick-connect’ locations and configure the full breadth of the application to suit your needs.

What security protocols are available for Private Internet Access on Windows?

On Windows devices, users can take advantage of two high-tier protocols that guarantee the safety of data being transmitted online, WireGuard and OpenVPN.

These are two of the most reliable, practical, and popular VPN protocols on the market.

There are various encryption options and further settings also available when it comes to using proxies on Windows.

Furthermore, the WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols are what’s known as open-source, which means they’re upheld mostly by the core community making use of them.

They’re not governed by some shady corporation. This should give you even more confidence that your data is being kept as safe as possible during transmission.

Does Private Internet Access split tunneling work on Windows?

As an underrated feature, most people overlook split tunnelling on a VPN service.

This is a feature that allows certain traffic to be split between a local network and a VPN in tandem, allowing you to maintain dual connections simultaneously.

With a PIA Windows VPN, users get access to split tunnelling functionalities by default.

Does the automatic killswitch work on Windows?

Private Internet Access offers an enhanced kill switch feature that’s available by default on Windows devices – that includes the automatic killswitch mechanic.

This is one of the key features of the VPN, allowing your connection to be severed if you experience an unexpected dropped connection whilst online.

How to install PIA Windows VPN

The process for installing PIA VPN on Windows is as follows;

  • Navigate to the download page for Private Internet Access
  • You’ll be prompted to either sign up for a subscription or download the client if you already have one
  • Download the VPN version you need (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Run the installation wizard and accept the terms of service
  • Log into the application with your account information (or set up an account if you’ve just downloaded the client)
  • That’s it – you’re ready to use the application.

Is Private Internet Access on Windows Good for Gaming?

Private Internet Access Windows VPN is a solid option for gamers, ensuring they’re kept safe from malicious operators while also keeping their data secure and their ping at a decent level.

With a PIA, users can circumvent geographical restrictions, find servers in other countries, and keep hidden from potential DDoS attacks.

These are fundamental features.

Furthermore, using PIA on Windows affords you the ability to bypass ISP data throttling, which can further boost your network speeds when gaming.

It’s a top-tier option for gamers, and given that it’s affordable, it’s a great way to get a better experience online.

Does Private Internet Access offer Windows support?

There’s a help section linked in the settings menu of the Private Internet Access application, but there’s also a detailed help section available on the PIA website.

For those who want to be connected with an agent, Private Internet Access offers a 24/7 live chat service, and as Windows users make up the bulk of the provider’s audience, it’s always ready and willing to assist users on such devices.

There’s a wide range of guides, how-tos, and a full glossary that breaks down the terms used by the service just ready and waiting for you.

Private Internet Access is a beneficial solution for any device, but on Windows platforms, it really shines.

It does so by giving users access to every feature offered by the provider.

It’s as solid a VPN as you’ll ever find on any Windows device, and it’s well worth a subscription.

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