NordVPN Windows

NordVPN is one of the most prolific and versatile VPN providers on the market. It offers a best-in-class service that has been tried and tested by a global audience for years.

On this page, we will guide you through the NordVPN Windows application. This will include a breakdown of its performance, features and installation.

Does NordVPN work on Windows?

NordVPN works perfectly on Windows devices, including laptops and personal computers.

It’s a comprehensive offering that’s bursting at the seams with features, and it’s a firm favourite VPN platform for anyone looking to stay safe online.

Are all NordVPN features available on Windows?

NordVPN dominates the market where Windows devices are concerned.

It’s where the bulk of the provider’s business is done, supplying millions of users with a top-shelf product that is rich with features.

That means that a subscription to NordVPN on a Windows device will reward users with next-generation encryption features, a solid kill switch, and multihop as standard.

Customers can take advantage of a rarely-seen Dark Web Monitor mechanic, low latency and high speeds, and a well-reviewed customer service function.

Additionally, functionalities such as split tunnelling, a unique ‘meshnet’ feature, and a threat protection package are available.


What versions of Windows does NordVPN work on?

Windows 7Windows 8.1
Windows 10Windows 11

What PCs can NordVPN connect to?


What are the system requirements for running the NordVPN Windows app?

To run NordVPN on Windows, you’ll need to meet the OS requirements, as listed above.

The client uses minimal amounts of RAM and CPU, blending perfectly into the background.

How is the user interface of NordVPN for Windows?

On Windows, NordVPN provides a clean-cut and highly accessible application.

It’s a simple solution, allowing you to seek safety online in seconds. Showing you what servers are available with a handy map, you can assess latency in real-time. As well as this, virtual servers are clearly defined.

This Windows application prioritises function over form, striving for easy usage rather than over-complication.

There are simple navigation options that’ll lead you to the support service or your highly configurable settings menu in no time at all.

There’s almost no reason to leave the application when you’re using it – everything is kept ‘in-house’.

What security protocols are available for NordVPN on Windows?

NordVPN makes use of two core security protocols – OpenVPN and NordLynx.

OpenVPN is an open-source protocol and an industry-standard measure.

NordLynx is the company’s proprietary protocol that’s marketed as offering a ‘new generation service’.

This provides faster speeds and better security than other, comparable protocols. Along with that, users can make use of AES-256 encryption to protect their data.

Does split tunnelling work on the NordVPN Windows app?

NordVPN offers split tunnelling as standard. This gives users a highly sought-after yet underrated feature that allows them to configure their VPN service further.

With split tunnelling, users can cherry-pick which applications or websites are secured by NordVPN’s platform, leaving others open to be explored via an ‘unprotected’ connection.

Does the automatic kill switch work on Windows?

NordVPN offers an advanced, automated kill switch feature that’ll keep users safe and act as a last line of defence against a shaky connection.

With the kill switch, if you’re losing connection with the server, NordVPN will cut itself off at the source. This action ensures that none of your data is leaked as your network becomes patchy.

How to install NordVPN on Windows?

  1. Head to NordVPN’s website and click ‘Get NordVPN’
  2. Set up a subscription
  3. Install the Windows application, running the setup wizard after downloading the .exe file
  4. Boot the application and log in using the details you’ve just set up
  5. Get online and stay safe

Is NordVPN on Windows good for gaming?

NordVPN is one of the most prolific VPN services in the gaming community, with the brand making an extra effort to sponsor streamers and professional gamers.

It’s arguably the first port of call for gamers looking to stay safe online and reap the benefits of a VPN service.

With NordVPN, gamers can take advantage of low latency, and high-speed connections that are guaranteed to keep them safe, protecting them from DDoS attacks and malicious operators.

Furthermore, gamers can also connect to multiplayer titles in other locations, bypassing geographical restrictions and accessing servers in other countries.

They can use their subscription to not only stay safe while gaming but to also boost their experience and find better lobbies, avoid cheaters, and access games earlier than usual.

Does NordVPN offer Windows support?

NordVPN’s customer service function is top-notch, and naturally that includes support for users on Windows devices.

There’s a full-fledged self-help platform bursting with FAQs and walkthroughs, but there’s also a dedicated live chat service or an email solution for those wanting to talk to a real person.

Everything you’ll need is documented on the NordVPN website, which can be found through the VPN application itself.

NordVPN is a top-tier service that’s packed with beneficial features. It’s one of the highest-rated VPN services for speed, stability, and resilience, which means you’re almost guaranteed to be kept safe online in any given scenario.

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