NordVPN Pricing Plans: Which is the best value?

NordVPN offers several different subscription tiers and allows you to pay monthly, yearly, or every two years. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which is right for you.

On this page, we will discuss each NordVPN pricing option and payment method, along with their associated benefits and downsides.

Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of monthly payments or seeking maximum savings with a long-term subscription, we’ll help you navigate the choices to find the best plan for your needs.

NordVPN Subscription Plans

Ultimate$6.99/month for 2yrs or $15.99/monthly6
Plus$4.99/month for 2 years or $13.99/monthly6
Standard$3.99/month for 2 years or $12.99/monthly6

What does a NordVPN subscription include?

Each tier within the NordVPN pricing plans can connect you to the same level of service, with the same number of devices and servers available to you. You receive additional services and benefits for increasing your subscription tier.

At the standard tier, you get a high-speed VPN, malware protection, and a tracker and ad blocker so you can safely browse the internet with confidence. With this tier, you get everything you need to start protecting your privacy.

The NordVPN plus tier allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the previous tier, in addition to a cross-platform password manager and a data breach scanner.

Take your passwords with you using the cross-platform password, and be alerted whenever your information is found in a data breach.

The ultimate tier gives you access to all of the features. These include 1Tb of cloud storage, mesh net, and next-generation file encryption.

Impressively you also receive identity theft recovery, with up to $1M in coverage, and cyber extortion protection covering up to $100K.

What payment methods does NordVPN accept?

NordVPN accept the following payment methods, to allow you to pay the way you want;

Credit cardsDirect debitBitcoin
EtheriumGoogle PayAmazon Pay

Nord also offers forms of payment for those who want to remain anonymous as well, such as Crypto and purchasing at retail locations.

Is long-term NordVPN pricing better value?

Purchasing a longer subscription for services like NordVPN can save you more money.

Nord can offer larger discounts on longer subscription purchases. If you were to buy a two-year plan, you would save significantly more than paying for a subscription month-by-month.

For example, two years of the ultimate tier is $167.76, which comes out to $6.99/month. Choosing to pay every month will cost you $15.99 a month, or $383.76 over two years! That’s a saving of $216!

How to cancel NordVPN

If you would like to cancel your NordVPN subscription, you can follow these steps:

  • Log in to the NordVPN website or app
  • Navigate to the billing section of your account.
  • Click on “Subscriptions”
  • You will see the “manage” option next to your auto-renewal
  • Under “manage” you may choose “Cancel auto-renewal”

NordVPN provides flexible pricing options to suit your needs. With various subscription tiers available, you can choose the plan that best fits you.

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