NordVPN iPhone

NordVPN is a leading security solution for those looking to stay safe online and browse with anonymity. This capability stretches to iOS devices.

In this guide, we’re taking a closer look at the NordVPN iOS app, what features are available, its compatibility and the installation process.

Does NordVPN work on iOS?

NordVPN works perfectly on iOS-powered devices, which include iPhones and iPads.

It has been one of the first ports of call for iOS users wanting to remain secure online for years, offering full functionality and more features than you could imagine.

Are all NordVPN features available for iPhone?

The NordVPN application for iPhone devices is a full-fledged offering that features everything the provider offers.

It’s a comprehensive service that does everything from stopping malware to allowing split tunnelling mechanics to be used at the press of a button.

There is obfuscation, a kill switch, and low latency, high-speed connections provided as standard with the NordVPN client on iOS devices.

For iPhone users, there’s a whole world of security functions waiting to be explored.

Out of the thousands of servers NordVPN operates, the virtual servers in more obscure areas are clearly marked, which is a great accessibility feature for new users.

What model of iPhone is NordVPN compatible with?

iPhone SE (All Generations)iPhone 7
iPhone 8iPhone X
iPhone XRiPhone XS
iPhone 11iPhone 12
iPhone 13iPhone 14
iPhone 15

Does NordVPN Work on iPad?

Like on iPhone devices, NordVPN’s service runs perfectly on iPads.

It’s an almost identical application that boasts the same features.

As NordVPN covers multiple devices, you’ll benefit greatly from having both an iPad and an iPhone. You can seamlessly switch from one to the other whilst maintaining complete safety.

What iPad devices is NordVPN compatible with?

iPad Air (2nd Gen Onwards)iPad Mini (4th Gen Onwards)
iPad Pro (All Generations)iPad (5th Gen Onwards)

What are the system requirements for running NordVPN on iOS?

As NordVPN is designed to be a silent application, it’ll use almost no resources on any devices – which naturally includes iOS-powered devices.

For iOS, NordVPN asks that you’re running iOS 13.0 or above – that’s it.

It requires almost no RAM or processing power.

How is the user interface of NordVPN for iPhone?

On iPhones, the NordVPN application is clean, accessible, and easy to navigate. It’s not a flashy or ‘showy’ application by any means, opting for function over form.

It’s easy to get to grips with, though. Once you’ve installed the application, getting online and staying safe is made possible through a single press of a button – it couldn’t be any simpler.

Everything you need is sitting in the iPhone application, too.

The only reason you’d need to leave the application is to seek out support for an issue. That is if the support function contained within the client doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Overall, the NordVPN application for iPhone devices looks good enough on the surface to pull users in, but it’s the power and configurable nature under the hood that users stay for.

What security protocols are available for NordVPN on iOS?

While NordVPN recommends iOS users take advantage of its proprietary ‘NordLynx’ security protocol, there are other choices to pick from.

Most iOS users will use NordLynx, while others will gravitate towards OpenVPN, a popular open source protocol that’s offered by most VPN providers.

There’s also the option to use the IKEv2 protocol on iOS.

Does NordVPN split tunnelling work on iPhone?

NordVPN offers its split tunnelling function across a wide range of devices – including iPhones.

This means you’ll be able to take your traffic and split it depending on which platforms and websites you want to connect to using the VPN network – and which ones you don’t.

Does the automatic kill switch work on iPhone?

iPhone users can take advantage of NordVPN’s intelligent kill switch – which means that a shaky connection won’t be a threat to them.

If the connection to the VPN is lost, the kill switch cuts everything off at the source, blocking any of your data from being inadvertently leaked.

How to install NordVPN for iOS?

It’s the same process to install NordVPN on both iPhones and iPads:

  1. Access the App Store on your device and download NordVPN
  2. Sign up to create a new profile and account or use the ‘Log In’ function if you already have one
  3. To get online, hit ‘Quick Connect’ to be instantly aligned with a secure VPN server

Is NordVPN on iOS good for gaming?

Over time, iOS devices are becoming increasingly popular for gaming. While Android once dominated that market, iPhone and iPad devices are fast taking over.

Apple has boosted their offering with cutting-edge gaming technology that exceeds the expectations of the average consumer.

Fortunately, NordVPN is advanced enough to support mobile gamers using iOS devices. It offers a full suite of features that gamers can take advantage of. This allows them to remain safe from malicious operators, DDoS attacks, and ISP throttling.

Using NordVPN as a gamer on iOS can open up new lobbies in other parts of the world, remove geographical restrictions, and in some cases, reduce ping and boost speeds.

Does NordVPN offer iOS support?

NordVPN’s customer service function is one of the best in the business, and that extends to those on iOS-powered devices.

From live chat and email support services to a deep and dedicated self-help section that’s designed to answer all questions possible, iOS users won’t be left out in the cold when they have an issue with their application or subscription.

Ultimately, NordVPN is a near-unbeatable security solution for iOS users. It boasts countless features that are constantly evolving and a vast location network that touches every corner of the market.

It’s a versatile and dynamic application that works perfectly on both iPhone and iPad devices, and it offers a huge amount for a relatively low-cost subscription.

If you’re trying to stay safe and anonymous online on your iOS device, consider using NordVPN.

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