CyberGhost VPN Locations

Throughout this page, you will be given an overview of the most important information regarding the CyberGhost VPN locations offering.

This will include the regions made accessible, the territories in which this service is restricted or encounters disruptions, and any smart features that can provide you with the optimal experience.

What CyberGhost server locations are available?

CyberGhost provides access to servers in a total of 100 countries through their 11,165 available servers.

These locations span across Europe, the Americas, the Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

A number of countries within these regions allow for more specific geographic selection, providing 2 to 3 cities to choose from.

Although this is not the largest inventory of locations by a single VPN, it certainly comes in at a close second.

The vast selection of countries on offer sees CyberGhost providing access to servers in areas that are typically less popular amongst other VPN providers.

These mainly include Africa and South America.

However, it is worth noting that some of these African and South American servers are virtual, including Morocco, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

Despite the enforcement of repressive internet policies, regions such as Russia, China, Vietnam and Turkey are accessible using the CyberGhost VPN.

CyberGhost server locations by continent


BelarusBelgiumBosnia & Herzegovina 
Czech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
IrelandIsle of ManItaly
Luxembourg MaltaMoldova 
Monaco Montenegro Netherlands 
North MacedoniaNorwayPoland
SerbiaSlovakia Slovenia
TurkeyUkraineUnited Kingdom


ColombiaCosta RicaDominican Republic
United StatesUruguayVenezuela

Middle East & Africa

QatarSaudi Arabia
South AfricaUnited Arab Emirates

Asia Pacific

ChinaHong Kong SAR ChinaIndia
KazakhstanLaosMacau SAR China
MalaysiaMongoliaMyanmar [Burma] 
NepalNew ZealandPakistan
PhilippinesSingaporeSouth Korea
Sri LinkaTaiwanThailand

What CyberGhost VPN server locations are restricted?

I did not encounter any explicit restrictions within the CyberGhost VPN locations network.

As stated above, the VPN provides access to a substantial number of regions with restrictive internet policies.

The VPN’s access route to China is rather simplistic in comparison to that of alternative brands.

Generally, this requires maneuvering past the Great Firewall via a mirror site, or with a complex configuration.

With CyberGhost, you simply register using your email and password and begin.

However, due to enhancements made to the Great Firewall, I have found that the VPN no longer works to the same level of reliability.

With this being said, CyberGhost has stated that service freezing, connection and latency issues can sometimes occur due to the censorship laws that are in place in these territories.

As the use of a VPN is heavily sanctioned in certain places, traffic can be significantly slowed down, or even blocked in some cases.

Does CyberGhost offer additional location features?

CyberGhost offers an additional feature, Smart Rules, that can be applied to the fastest location for greater convenience.

By configuring this feature, Smart Rules automatically connects you to the most suitable VPN server as soon as you open the application.

Not only does this allow you to experience the fastest speeds, but it also works to protect your connection as soon as you go online.

Additionally, Tor traffic is permitted on all CyberGhost servers. By using a VPN with a Tor browser, you can achieve greater anonymity when browsing, double encryption and complete protection of your data. This feature is particularly useful for users located in regions with repressive internet policies.

CyberGhost VPN locations boast an impressive offering, standing as one of the most geographically diverse VPNs currently available.

With a vast network of international servers, and accessibility to regions with multiple censorship barriers, CyberGhost is working to maintain its efforts of providing total digital freedom.

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