AtlasVPN Locations

“As of April, AtlasVPN has made the decision to cease their service. To ensure customers can retain total online privacy, the business has partnered with its sister company, NordVPN.

All current paid subscribers will now be automatically transferred to NordVPN.”

When it comes to selecting the best VPN on the market today, you have so many options vying for attention. They all offer global reach, with thousands of high-speed servers scattered throughout countries.

Throughout this page, you will be given an overview of the most important information regarding the AtlasVPN location offering.

This will include the regions made accessible, the territories in which this service is restricted or encounters disruptions, and any smart features that can provide you with the optimal experience.

What AtlasVPN locations are available?

AtlasVPN quickly became one of the top choices in the game, mostly due to its unique features and stability when connecting from almost anywhere in the world.

Speaking of connecting, I like to connect to various countries depending on what region-locked content I’m interested in. Thankfully, AtlasVPN offers a staggering amount of choice.

First and foremost, they’re known for hosting over 1,000 servers in 45 countries worldwide.

No matter where you live or work, chances are high that you’ll find a server to connect to without experiencing latency or regular disconnects.

No matter which server you choose from AtlasVPN, they all offer the same guarantee. AtlasVPN focuses on providing speed-optimized connections and privacy pro servers.

They even allow subscribers to request servers for consideration. There’s no guarantee the city or country you choose will be next, but it’s nice to know someone is listening!

AtlasVPN locations by continent


BulgariaCzech RepublicDenmark
TurkeyUnited Kingdom


United StatesCanadaMexico

Asia Pacific

Hong KongIsraelJapan
SingaporeThailandUnited Arab Emirates
AustraliaNew Zealand

Free Locations

Amsterdam, NLSingaporeLos Angeles, USA
New York, USA

What AtlasVPN locations are restricted?

Unfortunately, as it is becoming increasingly more common, a handful of countries block access to the internet in some form.

They either limit how citizens can connect and who they connect from, or they block access altogether.

Some of the countries restricted by AtlasVPN include the following;

MyanmarNorth KoreaOman
QatarRussiaSaudi Arabia
TurkeyTurkmenistanUnited Arab Emirates

Unfortunately, AtlasVPN cannot operate in these countries due to their hardline stance on internet restrictions.

Does AtlasVPN offer additional location features?

AtlasVPN prides itself on offering multiple location features when connecting to its servers worldwide.

First and foremost, they promise speed-optimized servers, allowing lightning-fast connectivity without losing connection.

In most cases, their servers are rated at 10 Gbps, with additional bandwidth to help cut down on congestion. This makes them ideal for gaming and streaming.

Additionally, AtlasVPN focuses on privacy above all else for its users.

Their privacy pro servers include premium options, such as SafeSwap, which allows you to hide your online browsing history behind multiple IP addresses.

Additionally, MultiHop+ covers your tracks as you search online by tunneling the connection through rotating VPN servers worldwide. These premium privacy services are optimized for low latency and high-speed connections.

While there are undoubtedly other VPN subscriptions out there with higher global reach, AtlasVPN provides lightning-quick speeds and unique anonymity features that make it a clear-cut winner in my books.

I genuinely love the MultiHop+ feature, which keeps anyone tracking my activity or connection guessing by swapping the VPN server at random.

It’s reassuring that they always choose a server close enough to allow for a stable connection but far enough to keep folks off the trail.

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