How to get AtlasVPN free

“As of April, AtlasVPN has made the decision to cease their service. To ensure customers can retain total online privacy, the business has partnered with its sister company, NordVPN.

All current paid subscribers will now be automatically transferred to NordVPN.”

It’s rare to find any such, let alone a top-rated VPN offering an entire suite of free features. But here it is!

Throughout this page, you will be guided through the AtlasVPN free app, a free trial, what can be accessed with this version, and the devices this is compatible with.

Can you get AtlasVPN for free?

You can download AtlasVPN for free directly from their website.

However, it is worth noting that the free version of AtlasVPN is quite limited in scope.

With the service’s free forever, users can only connect to three locations. These are specifically set aside as free servers for the masses to use and test.

For those who wish to upgrade to premium service, the brand offers a free trial option that allows you to fully evaluate the capabilities of the VPN against your own specific needs.

How long does the AtlasVPN free trial last?

The aforementioned free-trial lasts a total of seven days.

However, the free version of the app is forever.

No other VPN service offers an entirely free option, without severely limiting the experience.

AtlasVPN stands strong on its ethos that internet security is a right, not a privilege, for all.

What features can I access with the AtlasVPN free plan?

When you download the free version of AtlasVPN, you’ll gain access to four free locations, including New York, USA, Los Angeles, USA, Singapore, and Amsterdam, NL.

This is quite a broad reach for a free service. Using their app, you can connect to any of these servers from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, AtlasVPN does not limit your connection speed, unlike similar free providers. You can connect to any of these servers with a single click and enjoy the same high-speed VPN network as everyone else!

Lastly, the free version of AtlasVPN is available on unlimited devices.

You can download it on your home computer, work computer, smartphone, and tablet without any issues.

I connected seven devices before running out of options in my home to test this feature!

What devices does the AtlasVPN free trial work on?


Can I get the AtlasVPN free trial without my credit card details?

Alongside the completely free version of AtlasVPN, they also offer a free trial where you’ll gain access to all of the premium services provided by an annual or monthly plan.

To access this trial, you must enter your payment information. This is because enrollment into the paid plan is automatic unless you cancel the trial.

How do I cancel the AtlasVPN free trial?

If you want to cancel your AtlasVPN free trial, it’s relatively simple and straightforward.


  • Fill out the AtlasVPN cancellation form
  • Email form through the website


  • Open the AtlasVPN app
  • Select “Settings”
  • Navigate to the “Account” tab
  • Select “Delete Account”
  • Type “Delete” in the text box
  • Click “Delete Account”


  • Open the AtlasVPN app
  • Click the gear button on the bottom right corner
  • Select “Support Center”
  • Click “Delete my account” and confirm
  • Type “Delete” in the text box
  • Click “Delete Account”


  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Click Menu on the upper left corner of the screen
  • Click “Subscriptions” and select AtlasVPN
  • Click “Cancel Subscription” and confirm

Is there an AtlasVPN money-back guarantee?

Unlike many of its competitors, AtlasVPN’s money-back guarantee varies somewhat.

You can receive a 30-day guarantee when paying for an annual or 14-day guarantee for a monthly plan.

To receive your refund, you must fill out an email submission form.

Is an AtlasVPN free trial a better choice than the free VPN?

With AtlasVPN’s free version, the only major limitation is the number of servers available. In comparison, the premium version offers over one thousand servers.

Overall, with a money-back guarantee, there’s no reason not to subscribe to a premium plan and give everything they offer a test run!

AtlasVPN is quite generous with both its outright free version and trial. You can access many unique features and servers, making subscribing and testing their services a simple choice.

Furthermore, their outlook on why they offer such a generous trial and free version won me over.

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