Ubisoft’s ‘Project U’ – Gameplay Details and More

Ubisoft’s Project U is set to start its closed Playtest on October 14th, but what exactly is Project U?

Insider Gaming has learned that Project U is Project Pathfinder that I originally reported on via eXputer earlier this year. It’s currently not clear if “Pathfinder” will be the final name of the game, or if it was an old project name that has now changed to “U”.

First, Project U stands for “Unite”, which is Ubisoft’s Annecy’s play on words for the project because teamwork is crucial in being able to win. Ubisoft’s own description for Project U is “Unity is apparently crucial in this session-based co-op shooter, where many players unite to prevail against an overwhelming threat!”

The original goal of Pathfinder was to try and reach the middle of the map as AI enemies got more difficult the further in you got. It’s understood that this is still the case, but players can only access different areas once they hit a level threshold. So, players will need to fight in order to progress.

To level up, players need to complete missions that include killing AI enemies, defending targets, capturing camps, and more.

Players in Project U will be able to select one of four different classes of heroes. Attacker, Defender, Medic, and Support, all of which have different abilities.

Glimpses of leaked footage have already hit the internet and the game’s graphics appear somewhat similar to Fortnite. It’s understood that Project U is running on the Godot Engine instead of Ubisoft’s own Snowdrop or Anvil engines.

The game also features a central hub, where players can meet, use the firing range, play mini-games, and more.

Ubisoft was given the opportunity to provide comment on this report, to which they replied:

“We will soon be running a closed test under NDA for codename “Project U” and while some details have been shown publicly, the game is still a work in progress. We will share more information on the game at a later date.“

Playtests are scheduled to take place on October 14th and October 15th.

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