Total War: Pharaoh Revealed by Creative Assembly

total war pharaoh

Today, Creative Assembly lifted the lid on Total War: Pharaoh, an all-new installation in the series that is now more than two decades old. It was in 2019 that the most recent main release in the series occurred, and now, players are set to return to the fray, this time doing battle in Ancient Egypt and shaping the fate of three different cultures.

In a short-form cinematic trailer, Total War: Pharaoh is revealed and given a release window of October 2023. It was a stunning trailer, equal parts atmospheric and mysterious, and it was a great sign of things to come in this brand-new iteration of Total War.

A War Fit For a Pharaoh

Total War: Pharaoh will take place in the ‘Egyptian New Kingdom’, based around the time of the historic Bronze Age collapse. In a statement, the Game Director of Total War: Pharaoh, Todor Nikolov, said:

There are few periods more iconic than Ancient Egypt; fraught with political intrigue, cataclysmic events, and grand war campaigns, it’s the perfect setting for a Total War title. As Pharaoh, you must save Egypt from the cusp of destruction and guide your people through the calamitous Bronze Age collapse. It is up to you to either survive or fade into history.

With multiple possibilities when it comes to a base approach, players are free to undertake Total War: Pharaoh as they see fit. There will be eight Egyptian factions in the game, built around three cultures: Egyptian, Canaanite, and Hittite.

Here’s the trailer for your perusal:

Reportedly, Total War: Pharaoh will require tactical input on a variety of stages – and not just political or battle-related, either. There will be an intense weather system that’ll totally disrupt the game at the most inopportune moments and for the first time in the series, Pharaoh will include ‘Campaign Customisation’.

This feature will allow players to completely optimise and tweak their campaign before getting stuck in, ensuring that they’re producing an environment that truly suits them down to the ground.

Pre-ordered versions will give players entry to an Early Access weekend ahead of the October launch of Total War: Pharaoh, and it’s said that the base game will cost $59.99.

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