Top 5 Donkey Kong Appearances

Donkey Kong has been a staple within the Mario community for decades now, as the popular character was the first to give Nintendo ground within the gaming world. With multiple titles of his own, and then sharing games with Mario (Mario vs. Donkey Kong), the giant ape has made appearances in various games.

The character has even been used in Hollywood, as popular actor Seth Rogan portrayed him in the newest Super Mario Bros. movie. But what games, that don’t have Donkey Kong in their title, has he been featured in?

Best Donkey Kong Appearances

The Mario universe has been expanding for years now, with so many titles coming out each year that add to the plumber’s unique storyline. Some of these games, though, focus solely on other characters.

Games like Luigi’s Mansion, Yoshi’s Island and more have given other names the spotlight. Donkey Kong, who also has had various solo titles, is featured throughout quite a few other Mario games.

Here are the top five best Donkey Kong appearances in different games.

5. Mario Strikers

First released for the Nintendo GameCube, Mario Strikers gave way to a new generation of sports games. While Mario’s Golf title may have been the first game that mixed sports with Nintendo characters, Mario Strikers gave way to a whole new set of gamers.

The game has seen versions not only on the GameCube but also on the Wii and the Nintendo Switch, proving that its popularity stood its ground. With multiple Mario characters included in the soccer game, gamers fell in love with all the fun and unique abilities they could play around with.

Among these characters was the infamous Donkey Kong, who was an absolute power-kicker when it came to kicking the ball. His role within the game was well noticed due to his intense strength, making his appearance within Mario Strikers a highly notable one.

4. Mario Party

With multiple titles under its belt, the Mario Party games have stayed consistent and extremely popular throughout the years. Its exciting minigames and board-game style gameplay have helped keep the game on top within the Nintendo party games world.

Not only can you play as Mario, Luigi and more, but you can also play as Donkey Kong. While who you play as does not offer any sort of advantage in Mario Party, it still is a notable appearance by the giant ape.

Displaying his regular moves like pounding his chest and doing back flips, Donkey Kong’s appearance in Mario Party proves exactly why his character is loved by so many gamers.

3. Mario Super Sluggers

Like Mario Strikers, Mario Super Sluggers set a precedent for the future of sports video games. Every character had their unique abilities, making catches, hits, and pitches extremely fun within the game.

Donkey Kong, who was known within the game for his extreme strength, was an absolute powerhouse when at the plate. His swing could rock the ball farther than the eye could see, making him an extremely valuable player in the game.

Sadly, the title only got a GameCube and Wii title. Hopefully, we see a Nintendo Switch version come out sometime in the future.

2. Mario Kart

Donkey Kong has been a heavily used character in Mario Kart since the first game’s release back in 1992. Now, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dominating on the Switch, players can customize all of Donkey Kong’s features, including his glider, vehicle and more.

Donkey Kong has been in the Mario Kart series since the beginning, making him one of the OGs. His speed makes him extremely valuable. The only downside is his size and weight, making it sometimes difficult to take turns.

Still, his role within the games has kept his name in the racing spotlight for some time now, making Mario Kart one of Donkey Kong’s biggest and best appearances.

1. Super Smash Bros.

While Donkey Kong may not have been in every Super Smash Bros. game, his more recent appearances have made him an icon within the series. Every character in Super Smash Bros. has their abilities and fighting styles, and I’m sure you can guess what Donkey Kong possesses that others do not.

His sheer strength alone is what makes the ape so vital within the game. His fists are always clenched, ready to pound on whatever character stands in his way. Being an ape, Donkey Kong also has a far leap, allowing him to jump and avoid a lot of other player’s attacks.

Super Smash Bros. is not only one of the most legendary titles in the Mario world, but its set of characters, including Donkey Kong, makes it a staple within the gaming world as a whole.