The Witcher Renewed for Fifth and Final Season

the witcher

As the world prepares to welcome Liam Hemsworth into the role of Geralt of Rivia, showrunners have revealed that The Witcher has been renewed for a fifth season – and that’ll be the last one coming. The Witcher debuted in December 2019 to a relatively positive reception, with many lauding Henry Cavill’s performance as The White Wolf, but for the upcoming release of season four, the English actor has been replaced by Australian, Liam Hemsworth.

The End Times

All good things come to an end, and while The Witcher has enjoyed a solid run, it’ll be sunsetted with the fifth season. It’s not a bad stint as television shows go, but it has left fans wondering how it’ll all wrap up. Plenty of storylines were set up toward the end of the third season, but the biggest question among the community is how the writers will address Hemsworth replacing Cavill – if they will at all.

They could just gloss over it and pretend nothing has happened, or there may have been something written in to explain the sudden difference. I’m willing to bet hard cash Jaskier makes some kind of a quip about Geralt ‘looking different’. They already featured a ‘wind’s howling’ joke, so that’s not outside of the realms of possibility.

It was recently revealed that a slew of top-tier actors, including James Purefoy and Sharlto Copley, are making their way into the fourth season of The Witcher.

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  1. Can we please finally get a big budget Elric show now animated and/or live-action. Now that Netflix has finished this can they go back and get the Conan show they put on ice and Solomon Kane. While they’re at it reach out to Sam Raimi he could help with Conan and get him The Shadow’s rights.

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