The Elder Scrolls Online Next Chapter Is Known As Gold Road

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road

Bethesda has announced the next chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online, known as Gold Road, releasing for everyone in June.

This new chapter for the long-running MMO will add 30 hours of new content for players with a brand new storyline as well as new characters.

“In Gold Road, players will have to investigate the return of Ithelia, a daedric prince who has never before been seen in the Elder Scrolls series,” the announcement reads.

“In this new story, it will be up to players and their allies to uncover the plots of Ithelia’s most loyal followers, encounter opportunistic forest elves and defend the peoples of the West Weald from the chaos associated with the return of the forgotten prince.”

The Gold Road also introduces a new system known as Scribing. Scribing lets players collect and personalize skills as well as adapt them to their specific play style by editing their effects.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road releases on June 3 for PC and Mac players. Those on Xbox and PlayStation will have to wait a bit longer until June 18 to experience the next chapter of the game.

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