Tencent Is Killing One Of Its Free-To-Play Games

Tencent Synced

Tencent is officially taking its free-to-play shooter Synced offline a year after it first launched.

“Thanks so much for playing Synced and being a valued member of its community, but we regret to inform you that the game will be retired this September,” the studio said in an announcement on its website. “

No reason for the termination of the game was given. However, for it to be taken offline after just a year, it could be assumed that the player based and monetization efforts with the game weren’t high enough.

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The game was exclusive to PC, available via Steam and the Epic Games Store. As of writing, Synced has a Mixed response on Steam with many complaining about stability issues and the lack of a player base.

“I really tried to get into it, but you can’t even get past matchmaking after the [tutorial],” said one review. “I’ve literally waited 10 to 12 min on a match but never got nothing.”

Players will be able to still play the game until September 8.

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