Mortal Kombat Remaster Being Teased By Studio CEO

Mortal Kombat Remaster
Mortal Kombat Remaster

Mortal Kombat could be the next classic game franchise to get the remaster treatment.

In something that somehow flew under the radar, Eyeballistic CEO Joe Tresca took to Twitter in late June to tease something that his studio is apparently working on. That tease came with a screenshot from an “updated” version of Mortal Kombat 2.

“I’m not sayin, but just sayin, we might be cooking up something special over at Eyeballistic,” he said.

Immediately, the response from people in the replies was mixed. Some seemed excited about the possibility of a remaster while others criticized the shared image due to it appearing to have heavy AI elements.

Mortal Kombat Remaster
Mortal Kombat Remaster

A claim that Tresca didn’t fully deny.

In a reply to a user calling the image terrible looking and stating that they “don’t want AI trash in their fighting games”, Tresca replied with, “I’ll take your opinion into consideration…”

Insider Gaming has reached out to Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios for comment on this tease from Tresca. Should a response be received, it will be added to the story.

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      1. Facts! I wish Microsoft hired John Tobias to take back Tao Feng and make that as a true successor instead of him also being at WB probably as a support studio or soon to be closed never opened studio.

      2. Remember Ed teased a kaiju fighting game didn’t happen, Injustice 3 didn’t happen, a Marvel game didn’t happen, DC vs Marvel game also didn’t happen, Killer Instinct vs Mortal Kombat also didn’t happen, and then Def Jam which also hasn’t happened. Just a mid life crisis who wants attention on Twitter.

  1. Where’s is Injustice 3?! When is it coming out? Are they making it?! Will it use Unreal 5? Ed Boon needs to stop being a troll and be held accountable. Just read they’re going to SDCC why go to a comic book convention again with no comic book games? DC hasn’t had a W since Injustice 2 maybe and Batman Arkham Knight. It’s been that long almost 10 years.

    1. Never going to happen DC should license out now after Suicide Squad’s flop. It’s weird they still have no non VR Batman game. All they needed to do was make that Batman, Batman Beyond, or Nightwing and honestly a Jonah Hex game too it probably would have printed money too with RDR 3 being so far away. Injustice 3 is never happening NRS is still all hands on deck for MK 1 they wouldn’t start development until early next year maybe and that means the game would come out next gen over 10 years after 2 came out.

    2. Injustice is dead Ed hates DC that’s why they made MK instead even though the staff didn’t want to he forced them to do it and got influencers to ignore all the bad press NRS got about toxicity and abuse in the work place.

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