Tekken 8 To Release January 2024, Store Update Claims

tekken 8

Minutes ago, it was revealed that a backend update made in the Microsoft Store directly suggests that Tekken 8 – the long-awaited fighting epic – will be released on January 26th, 2024. In the last few months, teasers and news have been drip-fed from within the project, but until now, we’ve had no whispers of a release date for the game.

It has been almost eight years since Tekken 7 was released, and fans are hungry for another instalment of the legendary series. It has been a busy year already for fighting games – Street Fighter 6 was released to a positive reception this summer, and Mortal Kombat 1 is on its way and looks superb.

Could we see Tekken 8 released in January 2024?

Beware The Warnings

Recently, Tekken 8’s director – Katsuhiro Harada – went on record addressing recent leaks stating that those carrying out the leaks ‘will be caught’. However, this latest tidbit of information to bleed from the ecosystem of Tekken 8 comes courtesy of Microsoft – and Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter.

In the last few days, some intros, movesets, and character portraits were leaked, and Harada took to Twitter to express his displeasure at the news:

It was ‘known’ for a while that Tekken 8 would release ahead of Spring 2024, and with this latest update, it seems like we’re looking at a launch date landing in late January 2024.

Are you excited for Tekken 8?

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