Team Builder Is Back In EA Sports College Football 25

College Football 25 Team Builder

Back at the end of the run of EA Sports NCAA Football, one of the fan favorite features was Team Builder. It was a website that allowed players to create their own schools for use in the game’s Dynasty mode. With EA Sports College Football 25, Team Builder is officially back.

Announced as part of the game’s full reveal on Friday, Team Builder will be a part of this year’s game. Player’s will be able to create their own schools via the Team Builder website that will launch with the game.

“Design uniforms, helmets, fields, and upload your own logo,” EA Sports said. “You can then upload your program to use in Play Now and Dynasty.”

Players will also be able to download schools from other people for use in their game. One thing to note is that Team Builder teams will only be available in “private Dynasty” modes. There is no confirmation as off publishing if that means Online Dynasty can have them as long as they are private to join.

EA Sports College Football 25 launches July 19 for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

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  1. EA you want to make money bring back Def Jam and remake The Simpsons Hit & Run already!

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