Team17 Could Be Hit By Wave of Layoffs as CEO Departs

team 17

Team17, the publisher of the likes of Worms, Marauders, Trepang2, and the upcoming ‘Rhythm Royale’, Headbangers, has confirmed that it’s entering a period of consultation brought about by an internal restructuring. Reportedly, around fifty members of staff may be impacted by a potential round of layoffs that could focus around the publisher’s QA team.

This news comes at the same time as the departure of the firm’s CEO, Michael Pattison, was announced. According to reports, Pattison left on amicable terms, and it’s unclear at present if his departure is at all linked to the restructuring efforts.

The Wave Keeps Rolling

In recent weeks, countless developers, publishers, and other associated companies have been hit by an ongoing wave of layoffs and redundancies. We’ve seen entire studios close their doors in what can only be described as a tragic set of circumstances has washed over the gaming and esports industries of late.

Most recently, the likes of Creative Assembly and Epic Games underwent some heavy losses.

Team17 has confirmed that the company is making a tactical decision to outsource its QA – most of which concerns the many indie games that come through Team17’s doors. This unfortunate news might be the latest in a long line of such stories to come out of the industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impactful.

It has been reported that, by November, the consultation period will come to a close within Team17 and the restructuring can begin in earnest.

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