Tarkov Arena To Wipe Next Week as Update Hits The Game

tarkov arena

Battlestate Games has just announced the next major patch for Escape from Tarkov Arena – Patch This update will usher in a series of changes to the fledgling multiplayer title and ‘wipe’ the game, which means that every player on the platform will have their progress reset. They’ll all be on a level pegging from February 28, and they’ll need to work their way back up through the ranks to unlock all the preset classes once again.

That’s The Way It Goes

For those new to the Tarkov ecosystem – get used to it. This is how things work in the world of Escape from Tarkov, and naturally, that extends to Tarkov Arena, too. It might have only been three months since Tarkov Arena debuted with a ‘staggered launch’, but Battlestate Games is already testing the reset waters by pushing out a wipe next week.

Here are the changes and new features coming to Tarkov Arena with the wipe:

  • Preset Tier System
  • Custom Games Improvements
  • Flexible Preset Unlock
  • Present System Redesign
  • Chop Shop Teamfight Mode

Escape from Tarkov Arena is an entertaining enough mode with solid potential, but thus far, the community isn’t overly enthused by the product Battlestate Games has created. There’s a long road ahead, though. Escape from Tarkov was released in a beta state back in 2016 and has been updated slowly and steadily by BSG ever since.

If you’re signing up for Arena, you’re ideally going to need to be in it for the long run if you want to see it perfected.

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