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Best WOW Vegas Slots

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We’ve taken real player data, provided to us by WOW Vegas, and conducted our own research on the highest RTP slots and cheapest penny games to determine the best slots to play.

WOW Vegas is one of the leading social casinos in the US and has an extensive range of more than 800 casino-style games to pick from.

Having such a vast catalog of slots (from Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, 3 Oaks and more), selecting the most lucrative options somewhat challenging.

Using data on the most-played slots and a list of the highest RTP and cheapest penny slots we found, we will guide you through what we think are the 10 best slots.

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Most-Played WOW Vegas Slots

Based on real player data provided by WOW Vegas in 2024, the most-played slots on this social casino site and app are as follows:

1WOW Vegas Wilds Of Fortune96.09% RTP, High Volatility, Free Spins, Tumbling Reels
2Coin Volcano95.67% RTP, Medium Volatility, Bonus Games, Multipliers, 4 Fixed Jackpots
3Crown of Fire Jackpot Play96.36% RTP, High Volatility, Expanding Wilds, Bonus Game, Progressive Jackpot
4WOW Vegas Elvis Frog Trueways96.15 % RTP, Very High Volatility, Free Spins, Multiplier Wilds, 4 Fixed Jackpots
5Lucky Oak96.17% RTP, Very High Volatility, Bonus Game, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpot
6888 Dragons96.84% RTP, Low Volatility, Wild Symbols, Fixed Jackpot
7Jokers Jewels Jackpot Play96.49% RTP, High Volatility, Bonus Game, 4 Progressive Jackpots
8Aztec Powernudge96.46% RTP, High Volatility, Multiplier Symbols, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpot
9Fire Hot 5 Jackpot Play94.28% RTP, Medium Volatility, Scatter Symbols, Expanding Wilds, 4 Progressive Jackpots
10Heist: Bank Rush – Hold & Win96.20% RTP, High Volatility, Hold & Win, Wild Symbols, Fixed Jackpot

1. WOW Vegas Wilds Of Fortune

Inspired by the traditional fruit machine slot, Wilds of Fortune puts a unique spin on the classic casino game. Combining old-school symbols with crisp, colorful graphics, this is an updated version of a fan favorite.

When you play, you will be presented with 5 retro reels. The backdrop is decorated with other machines, giving you a similar view to what you would get if you sat in the casino in person.

The slot itself is adorned with blinking lights darting around its frame, with your total prize drawer displayed clearly at the bottom.

Staying on theme, the sound effects are on par with that of a real casino. Each time I spun, the slot’s lever was pulled down. This was accompanied by a familiar, satisfying sound of the reels spinning.

screenshot of wilds of fortune

Personally, I feel the game is missing additional sound effects, such as prize hits, bonuses and coins.

The minimum bet here is $0.10, and I played one of $2.50.

It took 11 spins for me to hit the expanding wilds bonus feature, which earned me $31.75.

The special features of this slot, partnered with its high volatility makes it an easy recommendation. If you appreciate classic casino games, as I do, you will enjoy this upgraded version of the fruit machine.

If you are looking for a slot similar to WOW Vegas Wilds of Fortune, I suggest you try Fruit Wild Lines by TipTop.

2. Coin Volcano

Coin Volcano is a Hold and Win slot machine by 3 Oaks. Deviating slightly from the norm, this game replaces traditional pay symbols with large, shiny coins.

Once loaded, you will be presented with a 3×3 board of glowing gold coins. This is set against a deep purple backdrop, featuring a jacked orange volcano that smolders with every spin.

Staying with the fiery theme, Mystery Jackpots are represented by heaving boulders of lava rock, with coins blazing their way into the volcano to the sound of a quenched flame.

The audio that accompanies this game is parallel with the theme, combining the whir of loading reels with a mixture of flaming rumbles and eruptions.

screenshot of coin volcano slot on wow vegas

With the minimum being $0.10, I played on a $1.25 bet.

It took me 5 spins to access the Ultra Bonus game feature. This allowed me to gain free respins and volcano multipliers.

Between the two available bonus games, the wild symbols that help to create winning combinations, free respins and multipliers, I recommended giving Coin Volcano a try. The concept is enjoyable, and the gameplay is straightforward.

If you enjoy playing this one, you may also like 9 coins by Wazdan.

3. Crown of Fire Jackpot Play

Although it may not win any awards for the most enthralling gameplay, Crown of Fire Jackpot Play is a classic, fruit-themed slot. With a 5×3 reel and 10 paylines, this is one for the minimalists.

Set to the backdrop of a red brick wall, this game features traditional slot symbols. Pragmatic Play took a no-frills approach with these graphics, opting for a somewhat nostalgic approach.

There is an absence of any backing track, with the only sound generated being that of the roll of each reel. This is then followed by a surprisingly up-beat ding. When you hit the special feature- a retro, game show-style audio follows.

Aside from the lack of visual or auditory effects, Crown of Fire Jackpot Play does offer expanding wilds. These lend a hand in creating winning combinations, as well as scatters, which can occasionally be profitable.

screenshot of crown of fire slot on wow vegas

With the minimum bet set at $0.10, I played on $2.00.

It took 10 spins for me to match three crowns, which saw me earn $38.

Unless you’re a casino purist who enjoys basic gameplay, this will not be your leading preference. Although it has been advantageous for me at times, I prefer slots that offer slightly more stimulation.

I have found that Crown of Fire Jackpot Play shares similar characteristics with Hot to Burn by Pragmatic Play.

.4. Lucky Oak

Developed by BGaming, Lucky Oak is an Irish inspired 5 reel slot with 10 paylines.

The game loads to a backdrop of the twinkling green leaves of an oak tree, with a leprechaun smoking a pipe making an appearance on the board.

The overarching motif of this slot is enchanting and mystical, with the symbols include four-leaf clover coins, mugs of frothy beer and sparkling pots of gold.

The audio paired with Lucky Oak is a whimsical, folk inspired jingle. This changes pace depending on what’s happening on the board, with matching symbols being accompanied by the chime of coins.

screenshot of lucky oak on wow vegas

The minimum bet here is $0.20, and I played on $2.00.

Unluckily, I did not manage to land any bonus symbols during my spins. Therefore, I opted to buy the bonus for 2 credits per spin. With this, I earned 174 credits back.

Although there is a lack of a free spins feature, which I always prefer, there is a possibility to trigger a bonus game.

Although the theme is often deemed overdone, Lucky Oak sits high on my preference list.The premise of the game is enjoyable, the mechanics are straightforward and the RTP is substantial.

Pragmatic Play’s Wheel O’Gold is a great alternative to this slot.

5. WOW VEGAS Elvis Frog Trueways

WOW Vegas Elvis Frog Trueways, underpinned by its unique theme, offers a total of 262,144 possible paylines across 6 reels.

When you begin this game, you will be met with a similar theme to that of the original. Set to the backdrop of a green-hued, neon-lit Las Vegas, Elvis the frog can be seen adorning the sparkling white jumpsuit, amidst a series of vibrant symbols.

These include cerise pink classic cars, rhinestone vintage microphones, and blue acoustic guitars.

The soundtrack is on brand with the rock’n’roll theme, with a slight blending of classic slot audio throughout.

Each time you perform a coin respin, Elvis-inspired vocals chime in the background, accompanied by cascading coin jingles.

screenshot of elvis frog trueways slot

With the minimum being $0.10, I played on a $2.00 bet.

It took me 14 spins to land 4 scatter symbols. This then granted me 12 free respins.

WOW Vegas Elvis Frog Trueways has an RTP of 96.79%, making it an easy recommendation. There is a lot to keep coming back to this slot for, between a possibility of three jackpots, coin rewards, wilds with multipliers and free respins.

This game could be compared to Retro Sweets by Push Gaming.

6. 888 Dragons

888 Dragons, released by Pragmatic Play, is a simple, yet classic, single payline 3 x 3 slot.

As the name suggests, the theme of this game is centered around Chinese dragons. Each of which is depicted with two heads, varying in vibrant colors.

Once you enter the game, you are met with a multi tonal purple backdrop. The board itself shies away from the classic slot style. Instead, it features a rich, golden colored traditional Chinese frame.

There is no background audio with 888 dragons, simply the sound of the reels whirring once you have taken a spin. This is similar to that of the mechanical slot machines.

screenshot of 888 dragons

With the minimum bet being $0.01, I played on $0.40.

Within 24 spins, I landed three blue dragons. This won me $10.00.

Although it’s visually not the most exciting, I would recommend 888 dragons to anyone that enjoys simple gameplay.

It lacks special features, but the gameplay is fast. The option for turbo playing allows for approximately 2 spins per second, and the RTP of 96.84% makes up for any missing bonuses, in my opinion.

Playing this slot reminded me of Double Hot Dice by Synot Games

7. Jokers Jewels Jackpot Play

Joker’s Jewels Jackpot Play is a lively take on the classic 5 x 3 reel slot, with 5 possible paylines.

Developed by Pragmatic Play, this game opens with the retro slot machine aesthetic, amongst a deep purple background.

A series of flashing lights dance their way around the board. Colorful symbols, including a jester, mandolin, shoes, juggling clubs and various jewels, appear along the reels.

The music matches the frantic tone, with an animated, carnival inspired soundtrack accompanying the fast pace. This is blended with the classic electronic beeps you would expect from a casino.

screenshot of joker's jewels jackpot play

With the minimum bet set at $0.05, I played on $1.00.

Within 2 spins, I landed two consecutive paylines of jesters shoes and won $14.

Unfortunately, this slot is lacking in any kind of special bonuses. Aside from a scatter feature, there are no bonus games, multipliers or free spins. I find this makes the game considerably less engaging.

However, the games remained to be enjoyed by players. If you can set aside the busyness of the visuals, Joker’s Jewels Jackpot Play can be lucrative. Anytime I’ve played, the RTP has always rang true.

Fire and Roses Joker is another option to be considered if you enjoyed this slot.

8. Aztec Powernudge

Developed by Pragmatic Play, Aztec Powernudge features a collection of colorful jewels set across a 6×5 board.

This slot is set against the backdrop of an Aztec temple, in the midst of a lush jungle.

With a variety of gems vibrantly glistening in the grass, thick vines and blossoming flowers adorning the landscape, getting lost in the mesmerizing visuals of this game is easy.

The graphics are set to a rhythmic soundtrack of drums and flutes, each of which build with the pace of the slot.

screenshot of aztec powernudge slot

With the minimum bet of $0.25, I played on $1.00. It took 10 spins to land 2 scatter symbols, which earned $14.25.

Aztec Powernudge is hands down one of my favorites to play, and widely considered one of the best WOW Vegas slots.

Aside from having an RTP of 96.46%, the visuals and audio are amongst some of the best of the slots I have played. There is a wide variety of bonus features, including multipliers, free spins and a powernudge.

The powernudge alone aided my win in previous gameplay, moving my winning reel of blue jewels down one position, with a new row of matching green jewels entering the top.

This game bears a likeness to Aztec Clusters by BGaming.

9. Fire Hot 5 Jackpot Play

Fire Hot 5 Jackpot Play is an updated reimagination of the old-school classic fruit machine. With a 5×3 reel board, there are 5 possible paylines on this slot.

Staying in touch with its retro roots, the game opens with a traditional reel set. This is centered against a shimmering green background.

The symbols that appear across the board are also rather simplistic, stepping away from any extravagant graphics.

The audio that’s paired with the visual follows the same tone, with the absence of a backing track and the simple chimes of a whirring reel occurring with a spin. In the event of a Wild, an upbeat ding can be heard.

screenshot of fire hot 5 jackpot play on wow vegas

With the minimum bet being $0.05, I played on $0.50. It took a single spin to land my first payline, which earned $1.00. This was then followed by a second win 4 spins laters, earning me $2.00.

Fire Hot 5 Jackpot Play isn’t amongst my top recommendations, simply because I find it a little too basic.

The graphics are not the most appealing and there is a lack of bonus features, which I find can make the experience quickly exhaustive.

B Gaming’s Fruit Million offers a similar gameplay to this slot.

10. Heist: Bank Rush – Hold & Win

Based on the classic trope, Heist: Bank Rush – Hold & Win sees players join forces with a gang of skilled robbers to win big.

Set against a dark backdrop, detailed graphics of armed forces, shattered glass and the damaged structure of the bank can be seen.

Four characters, Neil, Finley, Travis and Hummer, are scattered across the reels, adding an extra layer to the premise of the storyline. There are also symbols of dazzling jewels.

A mix of audio from police radio and sirens blend together against an ominous, tense backing track. This creates an anticipatory atmosphere. Each spin is accompanied by a clicking sound that resembles that of a padlock.

screenshot of heist bank rush hold and win slot

With the minimum bet being $0.20, I played on $2.00. On my 7th spin, I landed the hold & win feature by landing 6 scatter symbols. This earned me 143.00 credits.

It is clear to see why this game is amongst one of the best WOW Vegas slots. The hold & win feature is enticing enough alone, with the addition of wild symbols and a bonus game being an added benefit.

This slot shares similarities with Wish Granted: Hold & Win by Betsoft.

Best WOW Vegas For Winning

Knowing which slots possess the greatest likelihood is advatangeous, and partnering this knowledge with the use of your WOW Vegas no deposit bonus can maximize your winnings.

The highest RTP slots on WOW Vegas are as follows;

1. Sweet Bonanza – 96.51%

Sweet Bonanza can be considered one of the best WOW Vegas slots for winning thanks to its high RTP of 96.51%. In addition to this, one player reported winning $249.75 in 15 free spins, which was placed on a $0.40 bet.

2. Extra Juicy – 96.52%

Extra Juicy, developed by Pragmatic Play, can be a high-paying slot to take a chance on. This is due to its considerably high RTP of 96.52%

3. Sugar Rush Xmas – 96.50%

Sugar Rush Xmas comes widely recommended as a high-return WOW Vegas slot. This can be attributed to its RTP of 96.50%, with one player reporting a win of $89.15 on a $1.00 bet.

Cheapest Slots On WOW Vegas

There are several budget-friendly, casino-style slots for players to enjoy.

The following are amongst the cheapest penny slots on WOW Vegas;

1. Big Bass Splash – From 25 GC

Big Bass Splash is a low-entry slot, with the minimum spin starting at $0.10 or 25.00 coins. Using the no deposit welcome bonus of 5 sweep coins, you would get 20 spins.

screenshot of big bass splash slot

2. 888 Dragons – From 25 GC

888 Dragons is one of the cheapest slots on WOW Vegas, with minimum bets starting at $0.01, or 25.00 gold coins. Considering the no deposit bonus, this would grant you 20 free spins.

3. Spartan King – From 25 GC

Spartan King offers players a minimum bet of $0.20, or 25.00 gold coins. This rate, partnered with the no deposit bonus, would allow you to take 20 free spins.

My Favorite WOW Vegas Game

Choosing the best slots to play is a process of trial and error, and each of us have our own personal preferences.

Considering all the elements discussed above, and my own experience playing, Heist: Bank Rush Hold & Win is by far my favorite WOW Vegas game.

The game developer, Betsoft, creates a considerably immersive experience with this slot, seamlessly marrying the theme, design and audio.

Aside from the classic storyline, Heist has an above-average RTP of 96.20%. This, along with the max win of 25,735x the stake, thanks to the hold and win feature, is enough to keep me locked in.

If I was playing with my own money, this game is where my change would be going.

WOW Vegas is legal in a total of 46 states across the US.

If you are over the age of 18, and live outside of Michigan, Idaho, Nevada or Washington, why not sign up and explore the slots for yourself?