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Best Sweeptastic Slots

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The wonderful world of Sweeptastic online slots can keep any slot enthusiast engaged for a long time.

Sweeptastic has partnered with several leading slot providers to ensure its players can try the best slot games on the market.

Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, and 1spin4win are among several suppliers you’ll recognize in the lobby.

Their slots cover popular themes and offer innovative in-game features.

Free spins, wilds, scatters, and Megaways are among the specialties you’ll see on the various Sweeptastic slots.

Yet, the question that always looms is what are the best slots to play on Sweeptastic?

Well, we did our magic and consulted several sources to create a full list of top slot releases on the platform.

Besides checking the slots’ popularity among players on forums, we also asked the site to reveal its most-played games.

Of course, we’re here to share our experiences and opinions, too.

So, we included our personal impressions for those extra insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Most-Played Sweeptastic Slots

The upcoming segment is dedicated to the most-played Sweeptastic online slot games!

To start, we present you with a slot comparison table that ranks the slots available.

Our table covers the essentials of every recommended reel machine, enabling you to compare the titles without doing the research yourself.

We understand that many of the games share similar themes, mechanics, and even payout rates.

That’s why the table can help you spot the differences and focus on the things you like.

Following the comparison table, there’s a summary for each of the best Sweeptastic slots.

Explore the game reviewer’s first-hand impressions and gain insights into the key elements of the slot.

You know what they say (okay, nobody says this besides us) – before you get to spinning, you need to do some reading!

1Buffalo King Megaways96.52% RTP, High volatility, Megaways, Bonus Buy, Free Spins, Wild, Tumble Feature
2Aztec Magic Bonanza96% RTP, High volatility, Free Spins, Bonus Buy, Scatter, Multiplier, Chance 2x Feature, Tumble Feature
3Pho Sho96.20% RTP, High volatility, Scatter, Hold & Win, Free Spins, Wild, Bonus Buy
4Gates Of Olympus96.50% RTP, High volatility, Scatter, Win Anywhere, Free Spins, Chane x2, Bonus Buy, Tumble Feature, Multiplier
5Fire Stampede96% RTP, High volatility, Bonus Buy, Free Spins, Respins, Connect & Collect, Wild, Jackpots
6Aztec Clusters97% RTP, High volatility, Bonus Buy, Free Spins, Cluster Pays, Scatter, Sticky Wild. Tumbling Reels
7Bonanza Billion96% RTP, High volatility, Pay Anywhere, Refilling Reels, Free Spins, Multiplier, Bonus Buy, Chance x2, Scatter
8Joker’s Jewels96.50% RTP, Medium-high
9Wild Tiger97.16% RTP, Medium-low volatility, Wild, Lines Change, Scatter
10Sugar Rush 100096% RTP, High volatility, Scatter, Free Spins, Bonus Buy, Cluster Pays, Tumbling Reels, Multiplier

1. Buffalo King Megaways

Buffalo King Megaways brought the North American prairies and the animals that live there to my screen.

It’s a good-looking online slot with solid graphics featuring a massive prairie in the background and fun icons on the reels.

Besides the good visuals, I enjoyed the calming piece of music, too!

screenshot of buffalo king megaways slot

Like many Pragmatic Play slots, this game offers a max win limit of 5,000x the bet, allowing you to win solid prizes.

Its high volatility tested my patience because I knew I had to wait for the big wins.

I wagered 1 Lucky Coin per spin to track my wagering easily.

My session had two parts.

The first one brought more frequent low-value wins (equal to or lower than my bet). The second provided fewer wins of significant value.

Even though I played for a relatively long period, I didn’t activate the round of free spins.

I purchase these spins for 100 times my bet instead. Ultimately, I won about 40x my bet, which wasn’t a good bargain.

Several other games at Sweeptastic have the same theme, including Fire Stampede and Big Wild Buffalo.

Overall, this slot is fun, but I wish it paid more coins when I played it to add some extra excitement.

2. Aztec Magic Bonanza

Aztec Magic Bonanza is an Aztec-themed game with detailed icons in various colors, a matrix situated in a temple, and lots of greenery in the background.

Additionally, it boasts spiritual music and fun sound effects that I personally liked.

I used the minimum bet of 100 Lucky Coins during my session because this title’s high volatility suggests a cautious approach.

It turned out I was right.

screenshot of aztec magic bonanza slot

It took some time to see my first win, but it was relatively big – about 7x my stake.

Interestingly, the wins were almost always higher than my stake and usually featured several tumbles.

Since I didn’t launch the feature after 50 spins, I paid 10,000 Lucky Coins to trigger it and won about 9,000 coins, which is pretty solid.

The multipliers during free spins were especially helpful because they boosted the wins several times in a single spin.

This game reminded me of Aztec Bonanza, Aztec Magic Deluxe, and Aztec Magic, which makes sense because they are part of the same series.

They share some similarities, but each of them also has some unique selling points.

Generally speaking, Aztec Magic Bonanza is a fun game, so I recommend it to all players.

3. Pho Sho

Pho Sho is an online slot where the famous Vietnamese noodle soup takes the spotlight.

The game surprised me with its high-quality visual elements, like an animated character beside the grid (a food stand) and traditional Asian buildings in the background.

All these details are spiced up with authentic Vietnamese music and xylophone sounds activated when hitting winning combos.

screenshot of pho sho slot on sweeptastic

Since I knew this high-volatility slot had a solid RTP, I used higher bets worth 400 Lucky Coins.

This bold move has proven correct because I managed to win every 3-4 spins, and the prizes were above my bet value (sometimes even 8-9 times higher).

On top of that, I launched 7 free spins after twentyish spins by landing four scatters on the grid.

They helped me boost my balance with over 40,000 Lucky Coins, which is a good amount.

So, the only thing I failed at was triggering the Hold & Win bonus, but I’ll leave that for my next session.

Interestingly, Pho Sho reminded me of the Wild Tiger slot. They have the same vibe, although the latter has different special features.

Ultimately, I’ll say that I enjoyed playing Pho Sho and recommend it.

4. Gates Of Olympus

Gates of Olympus is another online slot inspired by Greek mythology featuring memorable graphics.

In addition to the hovering Zeus beside the purple reels, you’ll find shiny symbols and temples in the background.

Music-wise, it’s an excellent title with deep, mysterious music and smooth sounds.

screenshot of gates of olympus slot

This game offers many betting options, but I decided to play with 5 Lucky Coins per spin. Despite being a high-volatility slot, my experience was different. I got wins on every third spin, and their value was average.

It took me about 50 spins to trigger the free spins round. These 15 free spins turned my mediocre experience into something special.

Almost every spin brought big prizes, and I ended the round with 122x my stake. In theory, this means that using the buy bonus option is worth considering.

After that, I increased my bet by two. To my surprise, the hit frequency didn’t change, leaving me with a higher balance once I reached one hundred spins.

Zeus vs Hades – Gods of War is another title that reminds me of this game, even though Gates of Olympus is more famous.

Given my experience, Gates of Olympus has become one of my favorite slot games.

5. Fire Stampede

Fire Stampede is a 6-reel slot game with an evergreen Wild West theme.

I’ll always recognize it for its exceptional rock music and solid graphics, including the fiery buffalo on the left and the Great Plains in the background.

The chance to win up to 4,275x the bet in a single turn and the multiple bonuses of the game encouraged me to try it immediately.

Of course, I was cautious and initially used 1 Lucky Coin per spin.

screenshot of fire stampede slot

The slot wasn’t generous at first, but after a few dozen spins, it started paying out more frequently, so I increased the stake to 10 Lucky Coins.

Then, the game started the Connect & Collect feature, which brought me five respins and 10 times my bet.

Since my balance was positive, I also used the buy free spins option (100 Lucky Coins).

The 10 free spins resulted in a total reward of 93 Lucky Coins – not great, not terrible.

Also, since this game reminds me of Buffalo Sunset, I suggest checking this title, too, especially if you like this theme.

If you are asking me for advice, my warm recommendation is to give Fire Stampede a try.

6. Aztec Clusters

We have yet another Aztec-themed slot that Sweeptastic players seem to love.

I must give it to them. The game got my attention the first second I saw its beautiful design.

The setting resembles a temple in the middle of a jungle, with waterfalls flowing on both sides of the screen.

The themed symbols added extra points for the game’s score regarding the visual experience it provides.

Whenever I see an unusual playing grid (8×6), I’m curious to learn more. So, I started spinning on the lowest bet of 100 Lucky Coins.

screenshot of aztec clusters slot on sweeptastic

BGaming rated this game as “very high” in volatility, so I won nothing on most of my spins.

I decided to stop the dry spell using the Play Feature and paid 10k Lucky Coins for the cheapest package. The other options (20k, 40k, and 80k) seemed like a lot.

Many things were happening on the screen during the entertaining free spin round.

After a few mega wins supported by sticky wilds and multipliers, I scored a massive total win of 41,720 Lucky Coins.

My gamble paid off, and I will remember this excitement for a long time.

I obviously recommend Aztec Clusters to anyone who enjoys similarly themed slots like Aztec Magic or even 9 Masks of Fire.

7. Bonanza Billion

At first sight, Bonanza Billion is a weird combination of candy and fruit slots.

Even though the graphics are crisp and the music relaxing, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of either.

I did like the 5×6 playing grid and the pay-anywhere mechanic because both add an extra layer of excitement on every spin.

screenshot of bonanza billion slot

As per usual, I went with the minimum bet of 100 Lucky Coins, and it took me a few spins to hit the first prize of 530 Lucky Coins.

A few more spins and I won 10 free spins, which came a bit unexpectedly, to be frank with you.

I was happy, of course, and the bonus round didn’t disappoint!

I hit a big win on the fifth free spin, and good luck just kept coming my way with multiple wins on nearly every spin.

One of the big wins was over 6,000 coins, and contributed to a generous total win of 10,255 Lucky Coins.

I promise you whenever you hit such a prize, you will love that game forever.

Such is the case with me and Bonanza Billion, so I’ll always recommend it to my readers!

If you want to try something similar, I believe Fruit Party comes the closest.

8. Joker’s Jewels

Joker’s Jewels is for all those seeking the casual and simple fun of reel machines.

The slot is too silly for my liking and its theme park sounds didn’t sit well with me. I’ll praise the themed symbols, even though they didn’t look too great, either.

Anyway, I always try to keep an open mind, so I tried to fully immerse myself in the gameplay of this popular Sweeptastic slot.

The music was all over the place, and I barely hit anything with my 1-coin bets.

screenshot of jokers jewels slot on sweeptastic

I set the autoplay on 30 spins and won only twice, though one of those times, I hit four bonus symbols that got me 50 coins.

As the slot game doesn’t have any bonus features like free spins or anything really, you can’t hope for too much.

As soon as the 30 spins from the autoplay session ended, I was ready to move on.

That said, I believe the game has potential for players who like the theme and appreciate simplicity.

Joker Millions is a slot with a similar theme that I personally find more entertaining to play.

9. Wild Tiger

Wild Tiger is among the Sweeptastic slots with the highest payout rate, and it was on my radar right from the start.

The playing screen of the game is wonderful and perfectly supplemented with the background sounds.

A minimum bet of 300 coins makes the game somewhat expensive.

Yet, the high RTP and medium-low volatility kept me hopeful for a rewarding gaming session.

screenshot of wild tiger slot

Wild Tiger paid every few spins but rarely any considerable amounts.

Whenever I tried the autoplay feature, I had technical issues. I’ll admit this ruined my overall impression.

Stacked symbols and wilds didn’t help much in creating winning combos, and I never activated the special feature.

Perhaps this unlikely run was responsible for my lack of interest in the game. Aside from a few 500-coin and 700-coin wins, I had nothing to boast about.

All that changed once I hit 11,300 Lucky Coins, but that wasn’t enough to impress me.

Overall, Wild Tiger is a great game, and I can’t say otherwise. It just wasn’t my favorite title in the Sweeptastic lobby.

The slot shares the theme with many other releases, including Panda Fortune and Panda Cash.

10. Sugar Rush 1000

If Candy Crush was a video slot, it would’ve been Sugar Rush 1000!

This adorable game has a 7×7 playing grid, cluster pays, and tumbling reels – all promising juicy payouts once you hit a win.

Pragmatic Play went all-in on the design, paying close attention to the smallest detail.

I instantly fell in love with the bright colors and the chic soundtrack.

screenshot of sugar rush 1000 slot on sweeptastic

At first, I didn’t pay attention to the bet amount, which was a mistake because it was only 2 Lucky Coins.

I hit multiple wins that would’ve been massive with a bigger stake.

It felt like every spin won me something and multiple times the prizes were really nice.

Even with Lady Luck on my side, I didn’t manage to trigger the free spins, so I turned to the bonus buy option.

I spent 200 coins to see those scatters land on the reels and grant me 10 free spins.

The feature proved a real success for me, with several big wins and a total payout of 261.30 coins.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Sugar Rush 1000, and I strongly recommend it.

You can also try similar releases, such as Sweet Bonanza or Candy Blitz.

Best Slots For Winning On Sweeptastic

Winning coins and redeeming them for cash prizes is the best feeling in the world!

However, the concept of casino-style games takes you on a rollercoaster ride and guarantees nothing.

The situation is the same with the Sweeptastic slots, even those promising high payout rates.

And let us tell you that Sweeptastic has some of the highest RTPs we’ve seen among Sweepstakes slots.

Many of the releases by 1spin4win and BGaming boasted average payouts of 97% or even higher.

Besides checking the theoretical RTPs of the games, we also did some research to see what Sweeptastic slots have been lucky for players.

We invite you to check what we discovered and add these promising slot games to your bucket list!

  • 10 Lucky Spins – excellent RTP of 97.20%, high volatility, 1,000 max prize multiplier, min 10 coins!
  • Lucky Gold Miner – excellent RTP of 97.10%, medium volatility, 1,296x max prize multiplier, min 1 coin!
  • Aztec Magi Deluxe – excellent RTP of 97%, medium volatility, 5,000 max prize multiplier, min 100 coins!
  • Wild Tiger – players report big wins on it + an excellent RTP of 97.11%!
  • Gemza – players report big wins on it + an excellent RTP of 97.17%!

Cheapest Slots On Sweeptastic

Cheap slots are excellent for clearing free coins and for maximizing your playing time with a no deposit bonus.

Unlike at Funrize, where you get easy access to the Funrize slots betting limits, you have to open every Sweeptastic slot to check this info.

We know that browsing and then waiting for every slot game to load sounds like a hassle.

That’s why we did the hard work and handpicked the cheapest slots on Sweeptastic you can play.

Check them out and see how many spins you get on them with the free 10,000 GCs signup bonus.

  • Book of Ra – min bet 18 coins, you get 555 spins!
  • Wild Lady Cash – min bet 20 coins, you get 500 spins!
  • Book of Doom – min bet 0.10 coins, you get 100,000 spins!
  • Cherry Bomb Deluxe – min bet 10 coins, you get 1,000 spins!

We have to say that among the hundreds of Sweeptastic slots, we noticed many cheap options.

My Favorite Sweeptastic Game

Sweeptastic is a great destination for trying popular and new online slots.

The main strength here is the versatile lobby powered by several providers. Many Sweepstakes Casinos partner with NetGame only or have in-house games.

So, we appreciate the diversity of the Sweeptastic online slots.

Of all the slot titles I had the pleasure to try, I would say Aztec Clusters and Sugar Rush 1000 were my favorites.

Besides having some nice payouts, I genuinely enjoyed their gameplay, bonus features, and overall winning potential.

Don’t forget that Sweeptastic gives 27,000 Lucky Coins and 2 free Sweeps Coins to new players who will complete their profiles.

So, you can partake in some exciting gaming sessions on the top-quality slots available on the platform.