Best Funzpoints Casino Slots

Screenshot of the welcome bonus on Funzpoints

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Using real play data from the casino and conducting our own research, we’ve identified the most-played slots, highest RTP slots, and cheapest penny slots on Funzpoints.

Funzpoints is a Sweepstakes Casino with a decent number of in-house slots.

But, without a search bar or filtering options, all you’re left with when deciding what to play is the slot’s logo.

That’s why we want to help you make the best choice.

We got exclusive data on the most-played slots by players on this casino and app, which we’ve tested and researched their reputation.

We also compiled a list of the highest RTP slots and the best penny slots to play on Funzpoints, and we invite you to check it out.

Most-Played Funzpoints Slots

The table below contains the most popular games at this casino.

Both the table and our overviews underneath will help you set your expectations for the slots straight.

As always, we recommend you choose based on various factors, with the main one being your personal preferences and use your free Premium Funzpoints to play.

It really won’t matter whether hundreds of players enjoy a specific slot if you simply hate its design or bonus round!

Disclaimer – Funzpoints has in-house developed slots and doesn’t provide payout or volatility information.

1Mask of RaFree spins, Wild
2Kongo’s AdventureFree spins, Wild, Scatter
3Buffalo PlainsFree spins, Wild, Stampede Pays, Scatter Pay, Respins
4Bayou WildsFree spins, Wild, Expanding Wilds, Spin Until You Win, Respins
5Blackbeard’s FortuneFree spins, Wild, Mega Pay, Extra Spins, Sticky Wild
6Balloon PopFree spins, Pop & Rise, Spin Until You Win, Wild
7Criminal CashFree spins, Scatter Pays, Lock and Spin
8Garden of ZenFree spins, Lock and Hold, Scatter Pays, Wild
9Mega Jackpot HitsJackpots, Free spins, Lock and Hold, Wild
10Super Hit 7sFree spins, 3 Bonus Levels, Scatter Pays

1. Mask of Ra

Mask of Ra was the first slot that I tested on Funzpoints because it’s a top pick among the casino’s players.

At first glance, the game looked a bit average, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. The graphics are sharp but simplistic, while the music is fun.

One of the things that surprised me here was that the wild landed on the reels quite often.

As such, it made it easier for me to trigger winning combinations.

I bet 12 coins on my first few spins but had no success. Then, I increased the line play to 20, and that’s when I had a tremendous time.

Screenshot of Mask of Ra on Funzpoints

Yes, Mask of Ra requires a bit of patience because the rewards don’t drop too often.

It’s also a bit tricky to trigger free spins. I didn’t manage to activate them while I was testing it.

So, if you’re a laid-back player who doesn’t mind the slow pace, Mask of Ra is a good choice.

If you’re more into fast and advanced gameplay, I’d opt for slots such as Book of Ra or Might of Ra.

I can’t say what slots remind me of this pick because everything that comes to mind has much better visuals.

2. Kongo’s Adventure

Kongo’s Adventure blew me off my feet.

At first, the loading screen with the caption “Who’s handsome” made me chuckle and attracted me instantly.

I liked the fact that the graphics were pretty basic but still eye-catching.

At first, I played with bets of 60 coins on 3 lines. Kongo’s Adventure allowed me to bet on up to 20 paylines.

After 5-6 spins, I switched to betting on 11 lines for 220 coins, which improved my luck.

I landed four Scatters on the reels and managed to trigger the free spins mode.

During free spins, I triggered a win with three snake symbols and snatched a prize of 440 coins.

Screenshot of Kongo's Adventure on Funzpoints

Overall, I liked the dynamic and the cool visual effects whenever I landed a Wild or a Scatter on the reels.

The simplicity of Kongo’s Adventure is the main reason why I’d suggest this slot to every player who signs up here.

As a jungle-themed online slot, the game reminds me of Jungle Gorilla and Jungle.

However, just like all other Funzpoints slots, Kongo’s Adventure is quite basic in its design and features.

It’s still entertaining to play, though.

3. Buffalo Plains

I always want to try out simple slot games whenever I want to have a relaxing time.

Buffalo Plains turned out to be the perfect match for my mood.

First, I liked that the symbols were all animals; it was easy to become familiar with them and their payouts.

Moreover, I loved the fact that I could bet fairly low.

An interesting fact is that I managed to hit a winning combination on my first spin. I bet 8 coins and hit three squirrels on a payline.

Although the reward wasn’t that great, it was enough for me to be intrigued.

The wild symbol helped me form a win on a separate occasion. When I was close to finishing the session, I activated the free spins.

I was constantly landing at least one Scatter on the reels, but it took me some time to trigger the said bonus.

What’s even better is that I managed to retrigger free spins as I landed four more Scatters.

Screenshot of Buffalo Plains on Funzpoints

Overall, I loved Buffalo Plains’s simplicity, and that’s why I recommend it if you’re in the mood for a chill play.

If you want something more advanced, go for Buffalo King Megaways or Buffalo Power Megaways.

4. Bayou Wilds

Bayou Wilds had the most unique theme out of all the games that I tested at Funzpoints.

I must admit that it was pretty hard to trigger decent rewards while playing it.

However, the sheer dynamic of the slot is what kept me spinning the reels.

I didn’t manage to trigger free spins, even though I was betting on 50 coins.

True, my experience playing Bayou Wilds was rather “dry,” but nevertheless, I enjoyed every second of it.

One thing I’d like to point out is that I could bet as little as 5 coins. This minimum wager makes the game one of the cheapest slots at Funzpoints.

As a result, I’d recommend this slot to any player who wants to enjoy vibrant gameplay with low bets.

Screenshot of Bayou Wilds on Funzpoints

The game’s visuals definitely enhance the overall experience. They are unconventional and cartoonish, which is a nice change from the traditional look.

It’s evident that a lot of care was put into the design despite it seeming simplistic. Plus, all symbols were themed.

I can’t really think of similar slots to Bayou Wilds, but perhaps Zillion Gators and Gator Gold fit the theme, if nothing else.

5. Blackbeard’s Fortune

If I could use one word to describe Blackbeard’s Fortune, it would be “straightforward.”

I liked that the colors in this game were vibrant, and each betting round was fast.

If I’m honest, after trying a few games, you’ll notice that all Funzpoints slots follow the same design concept. Only the theme and the features change.

During my first few spins, I bet the minimum of 8 coins but had no luck.

After that, I decided to ramp up the excitement and wagered 40 coins. While the bet was a bit higher, I managed to trigger a few rewards.

The Wild symbol wasn’t that common, but I didn’t find that surprising. After all, it only appears on the middle reel.

Screenshot of Black Beard's Fortune on Funzpoints

Although I wanted to, I couldn’t trigger winning combos with it but I did manage to trigger free spins after about five minutes.

I noticed that there’s one additional symbol here – Extra Spins. Basically, it’s the key to retriggering free spins.

I didn’t have that pleasure, though. Blackbeard’s Fortune is a great fit for those who want to enjoy rewards in the base game.

Pirates, Five Pirates, and Pirate Golden Age are some better yet similar slots to this one.

6. Balloon Pop

As far as dynamic themes with vibrant visuals go, Balloon Pop is the best choice for me.

I started with the smallest bet of 20 coins. It took me three spins to hit a winning combination.

I was surprised when I saw winning symbols popping, just like balloons.

New ones replaced the empty spots, just like on any other game with the Tumble feature. On Balloon Pop, it’s called Pop & Rise.

After a few more spins, I triggered free spins and was happy to see that Pop & Rise was available in this mode, as well.

And if that wasn’t enough, some free spins didn’t count as used until I hit a reward.

Why? Well, I came to find out that Balloon Pop had a Spin Until You Win feature.

This mode made it clear why it’s a bit harder to trigger spins. It may take some time, but each spin here will result in a payout.

Screenshot of Balloon Pop on Funzpoints

So, this game is definitely worth a try for those who want fast and dynamic slots with decent rewards.

I must say the game’s theme is a weird combo of balloons, clowns, and some classic slot machine symbols.

I can’t really think of anything similar at this point.

7. Criminal Cash

As soon as I accessed Criminal Cash, the theme reminded me of the good old cops and robbers game.

It’s safe to say that all of us played it at some point in our lives. As such, Criminal Cash was kind of nostalgic for me and I absolutely loved that.

I spun the reels five or six times with a 40-coin bet and managed to hit winning combinations with Bar symbols on two occasions.

On the seventh attempt, I got a reward by triggering a combination with Lucky 7s.

When I did the math, I collected rewards every few spins, which led me to the conclusion that Criminal Cash has a high hit frequency.

The story with free spins was a bit different, though. It was fairly hard to trigger them, and I managed to do so on my last spin.

Screenshot of Criminal Cash on Funzpoints

Although I didn’t collect any rewards during the bonus, I found the whole feature quite amusing.

Considering everything, I believe the game could be improved with a bonus buy feature, for example.

Other than that, it’s a fun journey that doesn’t always bring you the “criminal cash.”

After Night Falls by Betsoft has a similar time and a much better execution.

8. Garden of Zen

I’ve always admired traditional Asian culture, so when I saw that Garden of Zen featured this theme, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try.

Unlike most of the slots on this list, Garden of Zen was a bit more versatile in both looks and features.

It featured 432 paylines, which was a nice change as most games had around 20 lines or less.

And the wonderful soundtrack made for a perfect playing atmosphere on this beautifully designed game.

I really, really enjoyed the audiovisual experience of Garden of Zen.

While reading the game paytable, I saw that free spins had extra features.

That’s why my main mission was to trigger them and see what they have to offer. After about 10 spins, I was able to do so.

At first, it took me some time to understand the Lock and Hold mode during free spins, but I soon got the hang of it.

Screenshot of Garden of Zen on Funzpoints

One note regarding Garden of Zen, though. The minimum bet is 20 coins, which isn’t very cheap.

I would only recommend this game to more experienced players who are looking for a unique thrill.

Considering how eye-catching the slot is, I can confidently put it in the same category as Hong Bao and 88 Fortunes.

9. Mega Jackpot Hits

Progressive jackpot slots don’t seem common at Funzpoint, so I wasn’t all that surprised to see Mega Jackpot Hits as a top pick on the platform.

Right off the bat, my goal was to try and land either the Major or Mega jackpot. Of course, I didn’t manage to do so.

After all, the Mega and Major jackpots reward 1,000-200x the stake rewards.

My point is that it’s logical they won’t drop that often.

However, I loved the fact that they made my heart beat a little faster.

In terms of the theme and visuals, Mega Jackpot Hits was very simple. I would describe it as a classic slot on steroids.

Screenshot of Mega Jackpot Hits on Funzpoints

I’ve seen many jackpot slots focused on the rewards and the gameplay rather than the visuals.

So, the average (yet sleek) design didn’t bother me at all.

I was happy to see that Wild symbols are available, and they even helped me form a few wins.

Overall, Mega Jackpot Hits can be a bit challenging, and I believe this slot is a highly volatile game.

If you aren’t a thrill-seeker, it’s better to play simpler slots like Lucky Sevens Hot or The Java Café.

10. Super Hit 7s

Finally, let me tell you a bit more about Super Hit 7s, a classic slow with modern features.

As far as classic slots go, Super Hit 7s exceeded my expectations.

The design of the slot was solid, so even the traditional fruits and sevens seemed nicer than usual.

Although the minimum bet here was 20 coins, I decided to ramp up the excitement and spin the reels with 100-coin bets.

It took me seven spins before I snatched a reward with 4 bar symbols.

I was a bit sad that I couldn’t trigger the free spins bonus while playing because I really wanted to test it out.

Classic slots are usually focused on the base game. So, it’s really fun to see titles like Super Hit 7s, where you can also expect something extra.

Plus, the 3-level bonus round sounded quite attractive and innovative.

Screenshot of Super Hit 7s on Funzpoints

If you’re just getting started at Funzpoints and want to test something simple, I recommend you try Super Hit 7s.

It’s the perfect start of a potential fun journey on this site.

Diamond Hits, Sevens & Fruits, and Hot Classic are some classic slots that Super Hit 7s reminded me of.

Best Slots For Winning On Funzpoints

Even though the main goal when playing slots and any other casino-style game is to have fun, everyone hopes to get a decent reward.

Now, no slot can guarantee you any payouts at all. After all, these are games of chance, and RNGs determine their outcomes.

However, some have the potential to give you a handsome reward when you play it.

We were able to create a shortlist of the best slots for winning on Funzpoints.

We typically consider factors such as hit frequency, players’ testimonials, and the slot’s RTP rates.

In the case of this casino, we found a few roadblocks.

First, the games don’t include payout rates, and second, we didn’t find many reliable player testimonials.

That said, we did our own research, played many of the slot games, and drew some conclusions.

While researching, we found out that the simpler, classic slots usually offer better rewards.

After comparing the results, here are the slots that we consider the best ones in this respective category.

  • Jewel Burst – Up to 50,000 coins for landing 5 diamonds. Several players reported decent rewards for this game.
  • Fire And Ice Diamonds – No info on the volatility and RTP, but players reported prizes of up to 48,000 coins.
  • Kongo Down Under – We discovered some streamers hitting big wins. We also had some luck in the game.
  • Blazing Reels – We discovered some streamers hitting big wins. Excellent prize potential if you unlock the free spin bonus round.
  • Crude Tycoon – Rewards of up to 40,000 coins for landing 5 tycoon or oil rig symbols. Seems to pay frequently.

Cheapest Slots On Funzpoints

Players who aren’t after the highest prizes at Funzpoints would also like to know some of the cheapest slots to play.

Penny slots are also a smart choice for those wanting to play longer with their no deposit bonus.

So, we’re more than happy to share information on that topic with our readers.

Upon thorough research, we concluded that the lowest the bets go on these slots is about 20 coins.

When you register, you’ll receive a welcome package of 1,000 Standard Funzpoints and then 250 Premium Funzpoints for completing your profile.

Here are the cheapest options that you can play with your 1,000 coins and the number of spins you’ll get.

  • The Java Cafe – min bet 20 coins, you get 50 spins!
  • Enchantress Luna – min bet 50 coins, you get 20 spins!
  • Maximum the Magnificent – min bet 10 coins, you get 100 spins!
  • Jelly Bear Kingdoms – min bet 20 coins, you get 50 spins!

My Favorite Funzpoints Game

Overall, I found most Funzpoints slots rather interesting but also simple and similar to each other.

Almost all slots had a free spins mode, which is something I think that every player will like.

If I had to hand-pick a title that I found the most amusing, I would go for Garden of Zen, thanks to its design.

Moreover, the slot had several bonus modes and a rather unique grid.

So, if I had to choose where to spend my SCs carefully, they would go to the Garden of Zen.

I also liked Bonbon Bash because its bonus round has three phases, which adds an unusual touch to the gameplay.

The new player package is up for grabs right after you create and complete your account.

You can use the free coins to play any of the Funzpoints slots that we mentioned.