Best Funrize Casino Slots

Screenshot of the popular slots at Funrize Casino

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To pick the best slots on Funrize, we got an updated list of the most popular slots directly from the casino, tested them ourselves, and read plenty of real player reviews online.

With all this information, we handpicked the top ten games, which you can find below!

Funrize is a Sweepstakes Casino with about 140 casino-style games, most of which are top-rated online slots.

All the releases come from NetGame, a popular provider among the best US Sweepstakes Casinos.

We understand that hundreds of gaming options can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve created this page dedicated to the best Funrize Casino slots you can play right now.

As always, our team did tons of research to compile an accurate and up-to-date list based on real data.

We invite you to check out our picks, read our experience with the games, and discover some insights from our research.

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Most-Played Funrize Slots

Below, we have a convenient comparison table where we’ve ranked the most popular Funrize slots.

You can also quickly check each slot’s payout rate, volatility, and bonus features.

So, if you’re not sure what slot to try first, our table will help you decide based on these vital features.

Beneath the table, you can read about my personal experience with the game and dive deeper into the slot’s main aspects.

1Carnival Cat96.21% RTP, Medium volatility, Free Spins, Pick’ Em Bonus, Bonus Combo, Jackpots, Wild
2Desert Riches: Hold ‘N’ Link96.04% RTP, High volatility, Hold’ N’ Link Bonus, Jackpots, Wild
3Clover Shot96% RTP, Low volatility, Free Games, Scatter Prizes, Multiplier, Wild, Scatter, Bonus Buy
4Fishing Kingdom Remastered96.02% RTP, Medium volatility, Pick ’em Bonus, Bonus Wheel, Super Laser, Free Shot Cannon, Bosses, Boost, Laser, Jackpots
5Thunder FishingN/A RTP, Medium volatility, Lava Strike, Guardian Fish, Deep-Sea Bomb, Wheel, Game Machine, Super Laser, Laser, Boost, Drill, Bosses, Jackpots
6Golden Tree96.38% RTP, Medium volatility, Free Games, Multipliers, Stacked Symbols, Wild, Jackpots
7Bandits Bounty96.86% RTP, High volatility, Wild, Scatter, Cash Pool Rewards, Stacked Symbols, Free Games
8Cactus Riches Cash PoolRTP varies, Medium volatility, Wild, Cash Pool Rewards, Stacked Symbols, Free Games
9Royal Fruits 5 Hold ‘N’ Link96.10% RTP, High volatility, Hold ‘N’ Link, Scatter, Jackpots
10Heat Hit96.21% RTP, High volatility, Hold ‘N’ Link, Jackpots, Expanding Reels, Wild

1. Carnival Cat

Carnival Cat rocks a Chinese theme and a beautiful background screen of afternoon purple skies and dramatic waterfalls.

All these wonderful visuals come alongside a suitable soundtrack of traditional Chinese instruments.

With a max prize multiplier of 1,250x, the game promises juicy prizes, and the medium volatility set my expectations for somewhat rewarding sessions.

First, I went for the lowest bet of 110 coins, which gave me a few modest wins every 5-10 spins.

I also collected several coins that went into the pots of gold on the left side of the screen.

However, there wasn’t a tracker or anything to keep me informed about what that meant.

At one point, I increased the bet to 330 and kept playing for a minute when the red pot of gold appeared full!

It revealed 6 free games with 5×5 reels and 3,125 ways to win. I ended up winning 1,425 coins on a 330 bet. Not bad!

Screenshot of Carnival Cat on Funrize

I must say that Carnival Cat reminds me of 88 Fortunes in its theme, but the latter is perhaps a bit more exciting to play.

Overall, the game is entertaining, and the collection of coins ensures that you get something on most spins.

If you like Egyptian-themed slots, then Desert Richers: Hold’ N’ Link is a Funrize slot to consider.

The game comes with nice graphics and suitable sounds that make you feel as if you’re really into that mysterious pyramid.

I was happy to see wild symbols and the Hold’ N’ Link feature in the game, but I was disappointed by the lack of other cool mechanics.

I started spinning with the lowest bet of 100 coins and didn’t win anything for a while.

That inspired me to boost the bet to 400 coins but my luck (or lack of it) remained the same.

There’s a dramatic sound that boosts your adrenaline any time the spheres land on the reels.

Screenshot of Desert Riches Hold'N'Link on Funrize

In my case, it never triggered the Hold’ N’ Link bonus, resulting in a somewhat disappointing session.

I found the slot similar to Valley of the Gods because of the Egyptian theme.

But I must admit that Yggdrasil’s slot has much more traction and excitement.

Overall, I can’t say that Desert Riches Hold’ N’ Link would be my first pick, but that’s maybe my uneventful experience speaking.

3. Clover Shot

Clover Shot is a charming game with an unusual setting, which I personally loved from the first second.

I’m not sure if it was the silly and cheerful music or the fast pace of the slot, but every spin felt eventful.

I managed to hit the bonus game on the third spin, which was unexpected, honestly.

I enjoyed the pick-and-win segment, which decided what I got from the bonus game.

I got lucky once again, as I won 25 free games with 3x multipliers.

My expectations were high, and I was beyond excited!

In the end, I won 9,420 coins with the minimum bet of 120 coins and was thrilled, to say the least.

If you’re not as lucky, you can purchase the bonus feature for 40x the bet.

I always enjoy this option because I get impatient sometimes, so I’m praising Clover Shot for having it.

Screenshot of Clover Shot on Funrize

Due to its simple design, Clover Shot resembles classic slots more than video slots with an Irish theme.

Despite my preference for graphically superior games, I have to say I really enjoyed this charming slot game.

I definitely recommend you try it!

4. Fishing Kingdom Remastered

Let me tell you that Fishing Kingdom Remastered is a fishing game, not quite a slot.

It still uses a random number generator for the outcome, and it’s a top pick at Funrize, so I have to mention it.

Fishing games aren’t my favorite thing, despite their nice visuals.

On Fishing Kingdom Remastered, the sea bottom is colorful, and you’ll see divers, sharks, and unusual creatures.

Screenshot of Fishing Kingdom Remastered on Funrize

I set the bet size first at 100 coins, and then I activated the boost, which doubled the bet to 200 coins.

My session started with over 80,000 coins, and then, after an unlucky run, my balance was depleted to about 65,000 coins.

Luckily, my luck changed a bit and I managed to get some nice wins with the boost.

I went over 80,000 coins just to end up at 65,000 once again, which was my sign to move on to my preferred Funrize slots.

Aside from the unique bosses and the visuals, Fishing Kingdom Remastered is just like any other fishing game, really.

If you like these types of games, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

As far as my taste goes, it wasn’t my cup of tea!

5. Thunder Fishing

Enter the deep ocean where various known and unknown fish, as well as the God of Thunder himself, will bring you nice payouts!

Thunder Fishing is yet another fishing game which always ranks among the top-played picks on Funrize.

While I’m still waiting to be impressed by these picks, the concept seems to have many fans.

Thunder Fishing has epic music and excellent visuals, which I praise.

There are also various special features to keep you entertained and spice up the repetitive gameplay.

Screenshot of Thunder Fishing on Funrize

Once again, I lost half my balance in the title, and that’s one of the reasons why I dislike fishing games.

I played the minimum bet of 50 and still went from about 65,000 coins to 48,000.

It’s just too easy to lose track of your spending, so I’ll always prefer the Funrize slots.

I believe that Thunder Fishing is a solid representative with interesting mechanics and visuals. I’m sure anyone who likes the shooting aspect will like the gameplay.

As for similar releases to this one, I think any other fishing game will fit the description.

If you ignore the different Bosses and settings, Thunder Fishing is identical to Fishing Kingdom Remastered, for example.

6. Golden Tree

Golden Tree is another Chinese-themed slot on Funrize that players love playing.

I had to give it a chance and was nicely surprised by the visuals and sounds of the game.

I didn’t have much time to check out the gameplay when I managed to hit three scatters almost immediately.

I won 6 free spins on a 100-coin bet, and the ordeal resulted in a massive win supported by wild multipliers.

Believe it or not, I got several replays (which are something like respins) and snatched 4,965 coins.

Afterward, I hit multiple minor wins, created wild multiplier combos, and collected several golden coins.

Screenshot of Golden Tree on Funrize

I really enjoyed the gameplay, even though the design could be a bit improved, as most symbols are card suits.

Also, it would’ve been nice to have access to a bonus buy feature, as I failed to trigger the bonus round another time.

Either way, I recommend this Funrize slot due to its frequent payouts and exciting bonus rounds.

With its Chinese theme, it resembles other similar slots like Dancing Lantern and Fortune Coin.

7. Bandit’s Bounty

Bandit’s Bounty Cash Pool takes you to the Wild Wild West, and I must praise the overall setting.

The slot game has a nice background spiced up with a catchy soundtrack, which unfortunately disappears quickly.

I liked the unusual playing screen of the game, which has a standard 4×5 grid topped by a unique table of differently colored doors.

These doors represent the unique Cash Pool feature that grants one of 20 awards.

I must say, some of the possible awards were pretty inviting, plus they increased with the bet size.

Screenshot of Bandit's Bounty on Funrize

As a high-volatility Funrize slot, Bandit’s Bounty doesn’t pay too often.

I had one nice win of 1,125 coins on a 300-coin bet, while the rest weren’t worth mentioning.

Without the bonus buy option, I played until I didn’t feel like playing anymore.

The wild symbol supported most wins I hit, but I didn’t manage to trigger any free games or special prizes.

I do recommend this slot, but I think it’s for more patient players than me.

For now, I think I prefer other Wild Wild West slots, such as Wanted Dead or a Wild.

8. Cactus Riches Cash Pool

I will never forget the first minute of Cactus Riches Cash Pool because the game looks awesome, and the music is wonderful.

I’ve learned the hard way that the music on NetGame slots ends in about a minute and you’re left with the sound effects only.

Anyway, this colorful game manages to keep you engaged with themed symbols, frequent payouts, and the Cash Pool feature.

I appreciated the stacked symbols as well as the wild because they brought all the excitement.

Playing the minimum 120-coin bet didn’t prove successful, so I boosted the bet to 450 coins per spin.

Screenshot of Cactus Riches Cash Pool on Funrize

Just like in the previous case, I played for a while and scored some nice wins.

Yet, I wasn’t lucky enough to get free games or see how the Cash Pool mechanic works here.

I did see the Cash Pool symbols, and they improved the prizes on the grid above the reels.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for me to be fully happy with my gaming session.

In terms of theme, Cactus Riches Cash Pool reminds me of Extra Chilli and Chilli Prize Pots, though these two are more advanced.

I see how the slot game is attractive, but I personally need more action.

If I had to choose the main strength of Royal Fruits 5 Hold ‘N’ Link, it would be the game’s graphics.

It’s really crisp, detailed, and overall eye-catchy. I loved how all symbols were themed, and the reels rock plums, cherries, watermelons, lemons, and oranges.

This Funrize online slot is perfect for fans of advanced classic slots, I would say.

The game is simple in the sense it doesn’t have anything special aside from the Hold’ N’ Link mechanic.

There are scatters that don’t trigger anything, which I found disappointing after I hit three of them.

Screenshot of Royal Fruits 5 Hold'N'Link on Funrize

I had some wins here and there, but the slot worked in its high-volatility nature and wasn’t overly rewarding.

I hoped for a big win that never came.

Once again, NetGame decided not to include a bonus buy option, which made it impossible for me to experience the single special feature.

I would place Royal Fruits 5 Hold ‘N’ Link in the same category as Miss Cherry Fruits or Fruit Million.

If you like those games, you’ll like this one.

It was okay to me, but I prefer low-to-medium-volatility slots because I want wins to keep me engaged.

10. Heat Hit

Unusual playing screens have always been attractive to me, and Heat Hit is just like that.

The game has a 8×5 grid, but only 3×5 of those slots are initially active. The rest expand with special Arrow Wilds.

These unique mechanics got my attention even through the futile spins.

I was focused on the option to win up to 9 million coins, ignoring that this is yet another high volatility slot.

I barely hit any wins in this game, I must admit.

Even the special wilds that appeared somewhat frequently weren’t enough for an unforgettable story.

Screenshot of Heat Hit on Funrize

Despite everything, I still enjoyed playing Heat Hit Hold’ N’ Link because it had something that kept me spinning its reels.

I can’t think of another game similar to it, either.

In its essence, it can be classified as a fruit video slot thanks to its fruit-inspired symbols.

However, the unique playing screen and the expanding reels make it unlike any other online slot I’ve tried lately.

I strongly recommend all readers give this game a chance.

It’s fun to play, it has unique mechanics, and it can be very rewarding for the luckiest players.

Best Slots For Winning On Funrize

We’re well aware that everyone hopes for massive wins when playing casino-style games.

That’s why we’ve done research to discover the best Funrize slots for hitting big prizes.

Of course, even if the slot’s payout rate is high or other players have won big on it, there are no guarantees.

Still, we compared online reports from real players, RTP percentages, and our experience.

This shortlist sums up your top choices if you’re chasing high RTPs and big payouts.

  • Book of Nile Hold’N’Link – excellent RTP of 96.28%, medium volatility, 6,000x max prize multiplier, 100 coins min, max prize 30 million coins!
  • Gorilla Rapid Link – excellent RPT of 96.37%, medium-low volatility, 1,500x max prize multiplier, 100 coins min, max prize 3 million coins!
  • Money Hive 50 Hold’N’Link – players report big wins on it + solid RTP of 96.01%!
  • Royal 5 Fruits Hold’N’Link – players report big wins on it + a good RTP of 95.80%!

Cheapest Slots On Funrize

From what we saw, most games here have minimum bets of either 100 or 120 coins. The same applies to both the slots and the fishing games!

We did extra research to discover the cheapest options for those who want to play as long as possible with your free coins.

We share the list of the cheapest Funrize penny slots and the number of spins you get with the 125,000 GC bonus below!

  • Luck of Tiger Bonus Combo – min bet 66 coins, you get 1,893 spins!
  • Thunder Strike – min bet 60, you get 2,083 spins!
  • Dancing Lanterns – min bet 60 coins, you get 2,083 spins!
  • Candy Heroes (Fishing game) – min bet 50 coins, you get 2,500 rounds!

My Favorite Funrize Game

All in all, Funrize is a great site for playing NetGame online slots because it is the operator’s sole provider.

I’ve seen diversity in both themes and in-game features that I believe everyone will appreciate.

From all the games I tested, I would highlight Heat Hit and Clover Shot as my favorite picks.

Heat Hit was just unique in every aspect, while Clover Shot has the bonus buy feature so it’s perfect for skipping the line!

If you want to play these slots yourself, you can join today and play for free with a chance to win real cash prizes.

Funrize Casino is legal throughout the country, except in Idaho, Michigan, Washington, and Wyoming.