Starfield Leaker Allegedly Arrested, Revealed as Master Thief

starfield leaker

In recent days, extensive cuts of Starfield gameplay began surfacing on social media, with one particular leaker standing at the center of all the attention. Following the uploading of several pieces of content, everything promptly vanished and the Starfield leaker went silent – and now we know why.

It has been claimed that the notorious Starfield leaker was arrested by police in Shelby County, Tennessee on August 24th, and it was subsequently discovered that he may be something of a master thief – or at least, he would be considered such, if he wasn’t caught.

Did They Arrest The Starfield Leaker?

In a post on Reddit, a link to revealed a listing for one Darin Tyrone Harris, a 29-year-old male booked for alleged possession of marijuana and two charges of theft of property. Reportedly, the original source linking this individual to the Starfield leaks came courtesy of a particular Discord user – but we’re yet to verify that claim.

Following Harris’ arrest, savvy online investigators tracked down a Mercari profile that’s allegedly linked to the would-be master thief. On this profile, the user – who others are claiming is Harris himself – has been or is selling up to 1000 items, many of which are bulk bundles of brand-new merchandise.

And what’s at the top of this Mercari page?

Well, there’s a string of Starfield copies all up for sale, some of which were selling for as much as $650. In an ongoing discussion, it has been claimed that Harris worked in a warehouse, which is how he came by so many brand-new, mint-in-box products.

Perhaps he would have been more successful if he wasn’t posting leaked content from the most highly anticipated game of the decade on social media and clearly identifying himself.

Again – we need to stress that, at present, these claims are unverified. But the evidence is apparently there, and it’s true – crime doesn’t pay.

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