Dreadwolf’s Delays Are Impacting The Next Mass Effect

dragon age dreadwolf

In a segment on a recent Giant Bomb podcast, Jeff Grubb spoke out about the recent layoffs at BioWare, expanding also on the delays that are permeating the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf project and having a knock-on effect on Mass Effect 5’s development.

He mentioned that, internally, the release of Dreadwolf is constantly being pushed back. He stressed that it was originally intended to be released in September 2023 – next month – but that date was then moved back to March 2024, and now it looks as though it might not drop until Summer 2024.

Grubb then stated that it could be pushed back even further still.

Will Dreadwolf Make it to Market?

Talking on the Giant Bomb podcast, Grubb specifically said:

At one point, the date they were looking at was next month – September 2023 – but internally, Dragon Age 4 keeps getting pushed back. They moved the internal expectations to March 2024 a while ago. March 2024, that’s pretty soon, right? Well, guess what, it’s not coming out then, either. They pushed it back again. It is not coming out until Summer 2024 at the earliest at this point. This is not them talking publicly, this is just from my reporting, so if it moves again, don’t be surprised in any way. I think it’s very likely it moves back even further.

In recent news, it was confirmed that staff working on the development of Mass Effect 5 – or whatever the next game in the series will be titled – were migrated over to bolster Dreadwolf efforts. With fewer resources focused on Mass Effect 5, it’s very likely that the development on that project will also face sizeable delays.

Are you holding out hope that Dreadwolf or Mass Effect’s next instalment will be released at some point in the next decade?

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