StarCraft 3 Is Reportedly In Development

StarCraft 3 In Development

The next game in the acclaimed StarCraft series seems to be on its way. According to journalist Jez Corden, StarCraft 3 is currently in development at Blizzard.

In a reply to a fan’s question on Twitter about Microsoft reviving StarCraft if/when its purchase of Activision Blizzard closes, Corden says that won’t need to happen.

“[Microsoft] won’t need to revive StarCraft,” Corden said.

A different user specifically asked if it was StarCraft 3 and if Corden knew anything about it, and he responded with a simple one-word answer: “Yep”.

StarCraft II, the last game in the series was originally released 13 years ago back in 2010. The game did have a number of expansions, the last of which came in 2016. Since then, however, Blizzard has been quiet on the franchise, focusing on Overwatch and Diablo.

With both those series having new releases recently, it would make sense for the company to then turn to its real-time strategy title.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Activision Blizzard for comment. Should a response be received, this article will be adjusted accordingly.

What do you think about StarCraft 3 reportedly being in development? For more Insider Gaming, check out what could be next for The Last of Us franchise.

  1. Hyped up about this one! Finally some glimmer of hope for the next third edition. Would be a big one given the 3 races in starcraft. Starcraft 3 could be a success. They need to make team games competitive to gain traction in the pro scene.

  2. starcraft 3 isnt going to happen, not in a form similar to sc1 and 2 because the team all left to found Frost Giant

    you clearly dont know that as you didnt mention it at all in this article

  3. I think blizard should remaster(remake) the WoW, It is obviously better than make SC3.

  4. I see no reason for SCIII unless they retcon the horrible story of SCII. SCII started out strong with WoL, but near the end and through HoTS and LoTV it went downhill hard.
    Not to mention Blizzard doesn’t have a RTS team anymore. Nor the fact that all those affairs and the lack of good writers is also one of their problems.

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