Bonus Drop Code

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Let’s Plunge into the fascinating realm of bonus drops at Casino.

What are these intriguing incentives, you ask?

Bonus Drops are exclusive, fleeting rewards provided by Casino, designed especially to celebrate the active participation of our devoted users.

To access each bonus, one must use a unique, case-sensitive code, which is available under specific conditions.

This code could be openly visible, hidden behind a clickable spoiler (as shown below), or nestled within an audio message.

The main requirement to unlock the bonus is to have gambled a predetermined amount in the week preceding the bonus’s release.

The amount needed to wager and the ensuing bonus may vary considerably from one drop to another.

These rewards are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Due to the finite redemption opportunities for each drop, it’s crucial to act swiftly to secure your bonus before it’s all snapped up.

As previously mentioned, if you see a notification stating FULLY CLAIMED, it means the bonus has already been redeemed in full and is no longer available.

Where To Find Bonus Drop Codes?

For the latest updates, keep an eye on these channels:

How To Claim Your Bonus Drop?

Simply go to your Account > Settings > Offers and look for the “Redeem Bonus Drop” form.

Here, enter the exact code and hit Submit.

Remember, accuracy is crucial since the codes are case-sensitive.

Things to Keep In Mind

The wager statistics provided in emails might not reflect your current eligibility as they are not updated instantly like the bonus drop criteria, which unfortunately remain hidden from your view.

Error Messages When Claiming Bonus Drops

Possible error messages and their meanings:

  • This code is inactive.
  • The bonus has reached its cap or is no longer available.
  • The bonus cannot be found or is unavailable.
  • You are entering the incorrect code.
  • You have not met the required wagering amount this week.
  • You didn’t bet enough in the last 7 days to qualify.
  • You already claimed the bonus.
  • You’ve redeemed this code before; remember, it’s a one-time offer per player.

If you need more information or further clarification, our live support team is here to help you at any time.