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As more and more online casinos and sportsbooks become available to US players, brands need to find increasingly creative ways to stand out from the competition.

While most brands have gone the more traditional route by producing commercials starring famous entertainers and athletes, Stake has taken a slightly different approach.

But it’s not just marketing that Stake does differently.

A year after its 2021 launch in the UK, you could play at Stake in the US, and it set itself apart by allowing users to gamble on their favorite casino games using cryptocurrencies.

Drake quickly became a VIP player at Stake and, in 2022, the casino partnered with Canadian megastar rapper to promote their site in a more authentic way that appeals to their fanbase.

And this has paid off.

Keep reading to learn more about this unique partnership and how Drake gave the brand credibility, turning it into a household name.

Stake X Drake Partnership

With hundreds of millions of followers on social media, Drake aka @champagnepapi has a huge platform, making him the ideal brand ambassador.

And luckily for Stake, he loves posting about the bets he’s making and the money he’s won.

But despite his reach, merely posting about his bets isn’t a complete marketing strategy in and of itself.

This is why, instead of filming scripted commercials, they have broadcast live streams of Drake playing Stake casino games for hundreds of thousands of fans.

As for his favorite game, Drake likes Roulette.

While streaming live on platforms like Kick and Twitch, Drake has played, won, lost, and given away millions of dollars for the crypto-based casino.

Going Viral With Stake Vs. Drake

The viral videos of Drake betting and winning on Stake gave the casino legitimacy, a crucial point for players who were skeptical about the site.

The stream of Drake winning a whopping $17.9 million on a single high-stakes roulette spin in 2022 went viral, despite the enormous losses he also incurred that night.

The streams have also proved to be the perfect opportunity for giveaways and interactive experiences for fans, as the rapper has given out Bitcoin packages worth up to $75,000 each.

But despite the success of the live online events, the partnership, which reportedly cost the casino $100 million, has also drawn criticism.

With rumors swirling about his possible investment in the casino, fans are also questioning if the money Drake so publicly gambles is his own or if Stake is sponsoring his extravagant bets.

A History Of Gambling And A Sporting Curse

Drake is an avid gambler and first joined Stake as a player back in 2021, betting enormous amounts of money on sports and casino games.

His “inevitable” partnership with the brand became official in 2022, and his live events started streaming shortly after.

The partnership has also fueled the so-called “Drake curse” which posits that any athlete or sports team Drake bets on or endorses will lose.

Whether or not the online myth is real is still up for debate, though the star does have a history of big losses, particularly when he has placed bets on UFC fights.

But losing a few million hasn’t deterred the high roller from chasing more wins, as he’s continued betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on single roulette spins and sporting events.

Cashing In On Celebrity

Celebrity ambassadors are a staple for most casino advertising campaigns, with casinos and sportsbooks hiring famous faces to star in their commercials.

But Stake’s marketing strategy is original and appeals to a younger crowd, who appreciate the rap star’s live videos and social media posts.

Their partnership seems to be going strong as the rapper announced back in January 2024 that Stake would be officially sponsoring Sauber’s F1 team until 2026.

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