Sons of the Forest is the Most-Wanted Game on Steam

On the 23rd of February, Sons of the Forest will launch exclusively on PC, bringing another episode of spine-chilling, cannibal-killing terror to gamers everywhere. It’s a follow-up title to 2014’s The Forest, which is easily one of the most popular indie horror games to launch in the last decade.

Now, in an expression of its popularity and in anticipation of its release, Sons of the Forest has become the most wishlisted game on Steam, overtaking Bethesda’s upcoming space-faring super-RPG, Starfield.

The Day Before previously held the title of the most wishlisted game on Steam, but owing to doubts it’ll ever release, that crown has long since been handed down.

Brace Yourselves

It was recently revealed that Sons of the Forest will launch in an Early Access state, with the developer, Endnight Games, stressing that it didn’t want to postpone the game, but at the same time, didn’t want to release it blindly in an ‘unfinished state’. Now, fans will be prompted to provide active feedback on their experiences, and Endnight will tweak the product as they go.

As a massive expansion on The Forest, Sons of the Forest boasts a much larger map, more in-depth mechanics (specifically crafting and combat), and an all-new story, riddled with horrifying mutants and bloodthirsty enemies to dispatch. There’s an AI-driven companion system, a cooperative platform, and plenty of survival elements to enjoy while fighting desperately to stay alive.

On Steam, The Forest is reviewed as ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’, which is a clear indication of how well-appreciated the first title was. There is nothing but good things to come in the sequel, which has been in development for quite some time. It’s so highly anticipated that it has overtaken the likes of Starfield, STALKER 2, and The Last of Us Part I on Steam’s wishlist leaderboard.

Sons of the Forest launches exclusively on PC on the 23rd of February and may be followed up by console releases later in its lifecycle.

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