Sons of the Forest Gets a New Trailer Ahead of 1.0 Launch

sons of the forest trailer

Sons of the Forest was released a year ago on Steam in Early Access – and now it’s time for the game to graduate. On February 22, Sons of the Forest will be released in full – ‘1.0’ – and to celebrate that milestone, developer Endnight has released a brand new trailer showcasing the terrifying yet beautiful open-world survival game that has turned heads over the last twelve months.

Enter The Forest

Sons of the Forest became a whopping success when it was released exclusively on PC in February 2023. It hit a peak concurrent player count of more than 400,000 users and sold more than two million copies in a single day. It promptly took over streaming and content creation platforms, quickly becoming known as one of the genre’s best titles.

In Sons of the Forest, players are charged with exploring and surviving on a lush, diverse island. They must craft buildings and shelters, collect weapons and clues, and fight all manner of horrifying enemies, from cannibal clans to mutated creatures.

Here’s the new trailer released by Endnight to celebrate the 1.0 ‘graduation’ of the game on Steam, a year to the day that it was released:

Sons of the Forest is without a doubt one of the best horror survival games on the market, and it’s well worth a purchase by any fan of the genre. Over time, Endnight has plugged the game full of updates and introduced countless new building blueprints, vehicles, weapons, and ways to explore the island.

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