Sonic Rumble Closed Beta Begins Tomorrow

sonic rumble

Sonic Rumble has been penned as a ‘first in the Sonic series’, a multiplayer-based action title that can accommodate up to 32 players, all of whom will assume control of an iconic character or variant from the decades-old franchise. It features survival and racing mechanics, with players tasked with charging through various courses, collecting rings and power-ups, fighting off their opponents, and completing tracks as quickly as possible.

It was recently revealed that the closed beta for the game kicks off tomorrow, which means we can expect snippets of gameplay to start surfacing from this weekend onwards.

Get Ready to Rumble

Here’s the spiel from the press release that was used to announce Sonic Rumble:

In Sonic Rumble, players will take control of toy figures to compete in thrilling 32-player battle royale challenges, racing against each other to collect the most rings and prove themselves to be the fastest in the toybox. With iconic characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe available for customization, players can create their own unique avatars and dive into the action-packed gameplay.

Earlier today, Sonic Stadium revealed on Twitter that the invitations for the closed beta have finally been sent out, and that some users in North America have managed to get access to the game. They also noted that there doesn’t appear to be an NDA for the beta, which means that testers should be free to post gameplay, previews, and screenshots online.

There’s plenty of Sonic Rumble content already out in the open thanks to Sega, but getting the first-hand impressions of legitimate playtesters is always a different story.

Have you applied for access to the Sonic Rumble beta?

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